Powerful Transformation and Self-Actualization
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Improve your life in 20 minutes a day

Paraliminals are relaxing, meditative audio programs that condition your mind for a variety of positive changes and beneficial effects.

Paraliminal literally means “beyond the threshold of conscious awareness,” derived from the latin prefixes “para” (beyond) and “liminal” (threshold). With Paraliminal technology, you will hear separate messages coming into each ear, but it is beyond the conscious mind’s ability to listen to both messages simultaneously for more than a few moments. The result is an enjoyable multi-level communication to different hemispheres of the brain. 

When you listen to a paraliminal session, you hear two distinct voices, one in each ear with a unique message in the language of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. These messages include advice, new thoughts, instruction, and creative visualization.

Developed by Paul Scheele and created by Learning Strategies Corporation, the paraliminal recordings open with a few minutes of relaxation with soft music and nature sounds. By the time the second voice kicks in and the two voices split into separate stereo channels, you're already in a state of deep relaxation.

Each paraliminal has a theme based on some aspect of personal development, such as overcoming procrastination, improving your memory, breaking addictions, conditioning new habits, improving relationships, attracting financial abundance, and so on.

A typical paraliminal session is about 20 minutes. Many of the paraliminals include two separate programs that focus on different aspects of the same theme, such as removing a limiting belief and installing a positive belief.

  • Energize in just 10 minutes
  • Boost your memory in just 16 minutes
  • Feel good in just 18 minutes
  • Acquire a new behavior in just 24 minutes
  • Change memories in just 30 minutes
  • and much, much more...

10-Minute Supercharger
Energize and become mentally alert in just 10 minutes

Abundant Money Mindset
Move beyond limits and build financial strength

Gain freedom from fear and project strength

Automatic Pilot
Eliminate negative self-talk and vaporize self-sabotage

Strengthen belief in your abilities to achieve your desires 

Break the Habit
Free yourself from the cycle of addictive behaviors

Conscious Time
Get the most out of every minute

 Creating Sparks
Ignite fun, attraction, and romance

Creativity Supercharger
On-demand originality, imagination, and inspiration

Deep Relaxation
Enter the deepest state of relaxation imaginable

Dream Play
Remember and use your dreams for greater success in life

Open to the flow of good feelings

Financial Security
Create financial well-being and strength

Finding Treasure
Expect abundance around every corner

Focus & Concentration
Accomplish more in less time with focal point thinking

Fresh Start
Make each moment a new beginning

Get Around To It
Eliminate procrastination and be effortlessly driven to achieve

Welcome the magic and fullness of life

Happy for No Reason
Build an unshakable inner home for happiness

Holiday Cheer
Feel love, peace, and joy toward yourself and the world around you

Ideal Weight
Listen to Ideal Weight and you will lose weight immediately

Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
Turn on personal magnetism for poise, charm and sex appeal

Intuition Amplifier
Bring clarity, trust, and power to your inner knowing

Letting Go
Gain emotional freedom from what holds you back

Living the Law of Attraction
Consistently attract the good, positive, and extraordinary

Memory Supercharger
Improve your memory instantly

Miracle Mindset
Develop the miracle mindset to move beyond any challenge and achieve any goal

New Action Generator
Make choices, take action, and succeed

New Behavior Generator
Acquire new behaviors or neutralize those you do not want

New History Generator
Change emotions and memories that stop you

New Option Generator
Create new solutions and choices

Overcoming Overwhelm
Act with calm, clarity, and effectiveness

Peak Performance
Fire up your motivation for superior results

Personal Genius
Use your true, natural genius for learning

Positive Relationships
Attract and/or improve relationships

Power Thinking
Think clearer, smarter, faster

Draw abundance and prosperity into any area of your life

Recover & Reenergize
Get your body back to feeling great

Sales Leap
Develop the attitude and skills of a super salesperson

Seeing the Unseen
Uncover new answers, insights, and ideas

Follow through with consistency and determination

Self-Esteem Supercharger
Build confidence and feel better about yourself

Uncomplicate your life for more freedom and joy

Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed
Gain rest, healing, creativity, and energy

Effortlessly cut back or give up smoking

Soul of Money
Release unconscious beliefs of scarcity to intentionally generate prosperity

Success Built To Last
Create a life that matters

Talking To Win
Communicate with ease; Present with authority

You Deserve It!
Gratefully receive life's abundant gifts

Youthful Vitality
Become youthful, with unbridled vitality