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Astrological Talismans

Casting and creation of talismans were accompanied by renaissance music, planetary invocations, and suffumigations, based on the definitive authoritative grimoire of medieval astrological magic, Picatrix.

What is the purpose of a talisman?

The purpose of making a planetary talisman is an attempt to charge some physical substance made of metal, parchment, or parchment, that bears the proper and appropriate forms of symbols and sigils, with planetary energy by the act of ritual of consecration for the purpose bringing that force to bear on one specific and tightly focused purpose until it has achieved its objective or goal.

A talisman created and used under the correct astrological influences is one of the most powerful tools available to the magician. Astrology is the vehicle that provides the insight to the cosmic forces that have influence over every aspect of life. The goal of the astrologer is to elect the most propitious moment to direct and program the cosmic force into a suitable object with the goal to control and manifest a desired outcome. By creating a talisman, you begin to move ever closer to fulfilling destiny by achieving your goals while learning the karmic lessons for growth and greater consciousness.


How does a talisman image become a magical object?

The Renaissance astrologer Marsilio Ficino in his “Three Books of Life” refers to the process of capturing the spirit of a planet known as its Pneuma, and 'ensouling' it to a divinely inspired image by the technique of talismanic magic. The Image itself plays a great part in the efficacy of the talisman as a 'link' or 'bond'. In Renaissance magical practice, the talismanic art becomes totally interiorized when the Pnuema of a planet is captivated by the image that it is directly engraved upon within the imagination of the magician.


What differentiates a mere “lucky” object or sacred devotional piece from a talisman?

Talismans differ from other magical or religious objects in the following ways:

  • A talisman must be constructed of the proper materials, and shape.
  • A talisman must have the proper images, symbols, numbers and geometric designs.
  • A talisman must be consecrated in conformance with the proper astrological configurations. 
  • A talisman must be properly programmed and energized by a planetary force.


Who would use a talisman?

Most anyone can use a talisman to bring about change in accordance with one’s will and purpose. For example, let’s say a person wanted greater opportunity and success in their business. A talisman would be constructed with this purpose in mind to manifest the person’s desire. The same would hold true for any purpose or change that is desired, be it to obtain love, money, protection, health, or the elimination of bad habits and negative influences.

For an individual in this present incarnation whose life seems stagnant or blocked by difficulties, the application of talismanic magic will empower their life and help them gain better control in dealing with their issues so they can continue develop and individuate in accordance with their life purpose.


Does creating a talisman require any specific skill and knowledge?

Yes, constructing a talisman and performing a proper magical consecration ritual requires an in-depth knowledge of celestial magic and election astrology.


How does a talisman essentially work?

By imbuing an object with a planetary force and channeling its energies with a well defined purpose and objective.


How long does a talisman's effect last?

Our experience with astrological talismans seems to be that a strong effect is manifested fairly soon and that paper talismans last about 90 days from your ritual.


How can I best determine which talisman would be most effective?

An astrological analysis of the natal horoscope for the time, date and place of your birth, can provide accurate information about your pathology and the most efficacious way to determine the source of problematic issues in your life. By using the horoscope as a diagnostic method, the appropriate talismans can be chosen to enhance positive factors in the chart and augmenting weak, but essentially benefic planets in horoscope. By this method we can fine-tune a talisman for an individual’s particular situation to create long-term change in regards to wealth, health, love or whatever specific effect is desired.

Every Planetary Mojo talisman comes with a Talisman Diagnosis.