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Solar Return 3-Report Package

Solar Return 3-Report Package

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  • Solar Return Report - a practical guide that helps you analyze this year's prospects, opportunities and challenges
  • Blackbox Graph* - your own personal Dow Jones Industrial Average using your natal horoscope
  • Advanced Forecast Report (One-Year) - details planetary influences and provides suggestions for how to take advantage of them

*The Blackbox works best with an ACCURATE BIRTH TIME. If you do not have an accurate birth time, U.S. citizens can request Vital Records, or email me for more information on a birth chart rectification service.

NOTE: If you want comprehensive and in-depth information with a strategy for how to navigate the year ahead, schedule a Solar Return Consultation.

What is a Blackbox?

The Blackbox is like your own personal Dow Jones Industrial Average using your natal horoscope. The Blackbox Forecasting Module (developed by AIR Software) works with any of the six bell curve formats to calculate the results based on 760 astrological factors. The Blackbox is so sophisticated it will optimize the weights for each chosen criteria, the aspect orbs, it will shift the orb and the planets position using different kinds of advanced mathematics to make sure that the optimized resultant graph conforms with the past historical price data or the personal biography. It will then use all these findings and project future prediction graphs for the chart under study.

Blackbox Graph Example

    Plan Ahead with Powerful Forecasting Tools 

    The Blackbox is one of the most sophisticated forecasting tools in modern astrology. Combined with the Advanced Forecast Report for detailed transit analysis and the Solar Return Report for a bird's-eye view of the year ahead, this report package provides great insight and foresight for your Solar Return.

    Purchasing this report package, you save 10% off the regular report price.

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    "Amazing." -C.R. 

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