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"Know Thyself" 3-Report Package

"Know Thyself" 3-Report Package

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Know yourself through your natal horoscope


  • Karmic Insight Report - your soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime
  • Merlin Report - explains your natal chart in straight-forward language without astrological terms
  • Flower Essence and Gem Report - analyzes patterns of imbalance found in your natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine

This report package is especially good if you are just learning about your birth chart.

What You Are Here to Be, Do, and Experience

Your birth chart is the blueprint of what you are here to be, do, and experience. Understanding your birth chart is a powerful step towards gaining greater and deeper self-knowledge, so that you can live more authentically and according to your soul's code and calling. If you are not living according to your truth, your soul's code and calling, you will suffer from depression, chronic malcontent, etc.

A Specially Curated Package to Better Know Your Chart and Gain Perspective

This combination of reports provides a straight-forward explanation of your birth chart, an esoteric view of your soul's intention for your current life's lessons, and recommendations on addressing imbalances in your birth chart by using flower essences.

Purchasing this report package, you not only save 10% off the regular report price, but you get a better, more well-rounded understanding of your natal chart.

Clients have said...

"[The Karmic Insight Report] has truly put many events in my life into perspective for me." -T.F.

"I love this [Merlin] report! It couldn't have come at a more perfect time." -P.F.


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