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AstroLocality 3-Report Package

AstroLocality 3-Report Package

$ 48.46 $ 53.85

Includes 3 Reports - select any combination of the following:

  • Best Places Report - top 200 Best Cities in up to three regions per report for Friendship and Family, Love and Romance, Vocation and Career, Optimism and Opportunity, Education and Communications, Culture and Creativity, Responsibility and Focus, Imagination and Inspiration, and Excitement and Instability
  • AstroLocality Report - tells you about your experience in a particular city; choose up to 5 cities per report, at least 300 miles (480 km) apart

NOTE: If you want comprehensive and in-depth information for where to move that will include your Astro*Carto*Graphy / AstroLocality, precise astrological information, and a practical review and analysis of real world data to determine the best, most realistic options for relocation, schedule an AstroLocality Consultation.


Select up to 5 cities (at least 300-400 miles apart) for your report.


Select 1-3 regions for your report:

  • United States
  • Canada and Greenland
  • Mexico and Central America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Russia (and countries bordering West and South)
  • Middle East and Southwest Asia
  • Africa
  • India and bordering countries
  • China and Mongolia
  • Southeast Asia and Guam
  • Australia, New Zealand, and Pacific Islands

Two of our Most Popular Reports 

This combination of reports provides supplemental information in researching where to move. 

The Best Places Report provides scores for the top 200 cities in the regions you select for various areas of life. Remember: astrological influences do not supercede the realities of the place. You can look at it like this: given the potential of that place to be suitable, the astrological score for that place will tell you how much of that potential you have easy access to.

The AstroLocality Report describes your experience in each city.  Read a sample report here.

Purchasing this report package, you not only save 10% off the regular report price, but you get some additional astrological information on new locations for work, relationships, etc.

Clients have said...

"The [Best Places and AstroLocality] Reports are great!" -A.S. 

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