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Child/Teen Report*

Child/Teen Report*

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Guidance for parents as your child grows up.

Also healing to read as an adult to better understand what you needed (and possibly did not receive) as a child.

This report is written specifically for parents, focusing on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc.

*Although a report does not supplant an in-depth consultation with William Stickevers, this report will give you the additional level of insight you need for what your child needs or to better understand your childhood.

Note: Reports are emailed within 1-2 business days.

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“This was actually VERY helpful for me to look back on my childhood and better understand what I needed and what I did not get from my parents. This new perspective has helped me heal a lot.”
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Child Report Contents:

Chapter 1: General description of the child: essential nature and personality. Physical body and childhood.

Chapter 2: Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love and share.

Chapter 3: Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.

Chapter 4: Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for communication.

Chapter 5: Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and social recognition.

Chapter 6: Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for diet and nutrition.

Chapter 7: Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to your child's age group. 





Child Astrological Report for

Princess Charlotte of Cambridge

May 2, 2015
8:34 AM
Paddington, England



princess charlotte of cambridge birth chart


*** Chapter 1 ***
General description of the child: essential nature and
personality. Physical body and childhood.


Sun in Taurus:

     The Taurus child is very sweet and loving. While a baby, she loves to be caressed and embraced. She is the child who always wants to be with her parents and is very affectionate with everybody in the family. The child of this sign, boy or girl, will be healthy and strong. She pays much attention to food; she can eat almost everything and in large quantities. Her parents should start early to teach her good eating habits as she has a fixed nature and whatever she learns or gets used to, will be very difficult for her to change. She loves candies and chocolates and she tends to be overweight.

     She is usually quiet and pleasant. She is emotionally stable, seldom gets depressed, and rarely displays aggressiveness or impulsiveness. She behaves properly even among strangers, but if she is the center of attention, she freezes up. She is one of the most stubborn persons in the zodiac. It is very difficult to make her change her mind; to threaten her with any kind of punishment makes her even more stubborn. The Taurus child can become very shy or rigid as an adult if she is pushed constantly by her parents to do things she does not want to do. The best way to treat her is with love. A kiss, an embrace and a lovely smile can work best to make her less obstinate. Colors and sounds also affect her emotions. Vivid colors like red, orange, etc. disturb her, while soft colors like light rose and blue, make her feel better. The effect is similar with sounds. Princess Charlotte is very sensitive even as a baby. She will do things only if they are reasonable to her. She needs to know only the truth, without a lot of complex explanations. Parents must talk to her calmly and logically.


     She has an instinctive affinity for music and the arts.  It  is  a  great  idea  to  teach  her  to  sing  or  play  an  instrument.  She may love drawing, painting, or creating things in clay.  She  is  very  creative,  and  may  be  the  best  worker  in  her  class  at  school.  She is very obedient but her mind is usually slow.  She needs time to do things.  She  has  good  memory  and  she  does  not  forget  what  she  has  seen  or  was  taught.  She does not lose her toys, or personal belongings.  She  is  a  bit  fearful;  she  does  not  like  darkness,  or  ghost  stories.  She has a romantic imagination.  If  she  grows  up  in  a  peaceful  home,  with  love  and  without  pressure  on  her,  she  will  be  strong,  confident  and  very  affectionate  with  her  parents  and  family.

Cancer Rising Sign:

     Princess Charlotte will have a regular body and height, with smooth skin and maybe freckles and moles. Her broad back will show her confidence and her tendency to command. But usually, her body will show delicacy and softness, due to the sensitivity of her spirit. She will be very attached to her family and it will not be easy for her to adapt to change. Princess Charlotte will always prefer what she already knows and what makes her feel secure. Usually the friends she makes as a child will be her friends as an adult. She will be very generous and will always help whoever needs her. Her protective instinct as well as her sensitivity to nature are highlighted. If Princess Charlotte's self-esteem is not fed in childhood, she could be insecure and fearful during her adult life. As her sensitivity gets hurt very easy, each wound could leave a scar more difficult to erase as time passes by. She needs protection, delicacy and affection to grow with security and happiness. Her imagination will be vast and her fantasies will take her to her own world, which could distract her from her studies. The best way to help keep her mind on "reality" is to remind her gently, but without too much pressure to stick to a schedule.

     Her childhood is ruled by the Moon which makes her mother most influential. She may be domineering or very hardworking and demanding at home. Home life can be a bit unstable, or there may be some moving around. It is important to explain very naturally to Princess Charlotte about these changes, in order to make her secure about her family and herself. Princess Charlotte is very intuitive and will understand it very easily, so you do not have to lie to her. The Moon's influence makes her very impressionable to aggression or violent scenes. If she receives painful or humiliating punishment, her pride will be hurt forever and as an adult she will be so afraid of making mistakes, that she will be unable to take initiative or make changes in her life. Parents should not argue when she is around them and they should remember the quantity of affection that she needs. Everything that happens to her as a child will be in her unconscious forever and will affect her all her life. It is very important to give Princess Charlotte affection and love, because she will never be totally free of her family, and all the good things she received as a child will be returned to her parents in greater measure.

*** Chapter 2 ***
Maternal figure: emotions, feelings, capacity to love
and share.


Moon in Libra:

     Princess Charlotte will be a very warm, kind, and friendly person. She will always be seeking an ideal emotional balance and will prefer quiet places, furnished with soft colors and filled with her friends. Princess Charlotte will always have a sociable attitude and her personal charm will make her successful with people. She can develop a great aesthetic awareness and will also have artistic ability. Her considerate attitude can give her problems in making up her mind, because she never wants to hurt anybody's feelings.

     She will learn from her mother to express herself amiably and delicately, to have refined manners, and to cultivate good taste. Her mother should teach her to say NO to some persons or situations, and to make up her mind with more confidence. Princess Charlotte will be a quiet person and will love peace. She will have grand ideals about life and people, which is why she may experience some disillusionment, although this will not change her basic attitudes. Her emotional balance gives her a deep sense of justice; she will always defend the helpless. This girl will be inclined to be moody, because she is influenced by the vibrations of the people around her.  Soft music helps her to attain inner balance. Princess Charlotte will also be attracted to ships and everything which is related to the ocean.

Moon in 5th house:

     She will be romantic and charming, which is why she will have an adventurous love life, always looking for the "right" match. Princess Charlotte will have great charisma and a poetic imagination. She will have great creative ability, which will be evident in all her activities. As a mother, she will be very tender and will teach her children to be kind and to show their feelings, although she can be a bit possessive.

Moon Opposition Uranus:

     Princess Charlotte will have a remarkable intelligence, but at the same time, will be stubborn, fanatical, anarchic, and emotionally tense. Princess Charlotte will be very restless and may tend to overreact to any situation. Her mother will be unconventional and possibly very nervous. If Princess Charlotte changes her place of residence often, this could make her feel insecure. In the future, she will be very close to unusual people and may have problems communicating her feelings to others.

Moon Square Pluto:

     Princess Charlotte will be very jealous and possessive. The relationship between Princess Charlotte and her mother could be complicated and each one may try to dominate the other. She can be very intolerant, impulsive, and rash in making decisions. She must learn how to be more flexible and also to channel her intense emotions in a creative and positive way.

Moon Trine Venus:

     Princess Charlotte will be very sociable. People will be attracted by her great charisma and winning personality; she will have many romantic, loving relationships. She will be quiet, optimistic, outgoing, and aesthetic in tastes. The expression of her emotions will be very refined and she will always show a touch of kindness. Princess Charlotte will prefer relaxing, non-strenuous activities.

Venus in Gemini:

     Princess Charlotte will love variety and will want to be acquainted with all types of people. She will probably be easily bored with her relationships and will prefer to play the field. Princess Charlotte will be sweet and warm in expressing herself, and she will be fond of romanticism and poetry. She will have a very good relationship with her brothers and sisters, neighbors and relatives. Probably she will travel frequently, usually on short trips. She has a delicate manner and she will not feel comfortable with demonstrative displays of affection, because her emotions are on a mental plane. Due to the instability of her feelings, Princess Charlotte can have more than one marriage.

Venus in 12th house:

     Princess Charlotte can be very shy and reserved about showing her feelings. She will be afraid of being rejected, so she will wait for others to make the first step. Princess Charlotte will be very compassionate and may prefer nonromantic relationships. Princess Charlotte will live her emotional life almost in secret.

Jupiter in Leo:

     Princess Charlotte will need to feel proud of everything she does, and will always seek her parents' approval. Princess Charlotte will be sympathetic and have a good sense of humor, and will always love being in the spotlight. She will tend to exaggerate when communicating and will want to have everything in large amounts. Also, Princess Charlotte will show a strong sense of justice and will tend to boss people around. Princess Charlotte will always get what she wants due to her sympathetic nature.

Jupiter in 3rd house:

     Princess Charlotte's success will come through education and communication. She will be very smart and her positive disposition will bring her luck in whatever she starts. Princess Charlotte will have a good relationship with her relatives, especially with her brothers and sisters. Due to her restless mind Princess Charlotte will need to live life at her own pace in her own way. Princess Charlotte can sometimes be very talkative and waste her energy through this activity. It is important to show her how to be more careful about her projects, because she can also be imprudent and inclined to exaggerate.

Jupiter Trine Uranus:

     Princess Charlotte will have great creative power. She will be determined and practical, and will reach any goal for which she works. Her personal freedom will be always very important and Princess Charlotte will resist any ties that bind or restrict her. Princess Charlotte will have great mental energy, and though she could be very warm, she will not be very sentimental.

Neptune in 10th house:

     Princess Charlotte will have high aspirations and spiritual goals for her life. She will enjoy helping people and will be very idealistic. Whatever she achieves in her life will come from her own efforts, nothing will come from her family. Princess Charlotte will be very sensitive to the feelings of those around her and could be a very good diplomat. Chemistry and liquids could be related to her job or profession. Most likely, she will suffer great confusion when trying to choose her vocation and she could experience some changes in her professional life. Princess Charlotte should learn to behave decisively and consistently, leaving all her fantasies and doubts behind.

*** Chapter 3 ***
Paternal figure: authority, power, capacity to assume
responsibilities and to defend oneself in life.


Sun in 11th house:

     Princess Charlotte will be very sociable and will have many friends during her life. Some of them will be very important and Princess Charlotte will receive help and protection from them. This great disposition towards friendship starts with the relationship she has with her father, with whom she will share much in an intense way. Between them there will be no traditional role, where the father has the authority, but a real friendship. In spite of Princess Charlotte's compliant attitude toward others, she will not follow in anybody's footsteps. Princess Charlotte will be very idealistic and will enjoy participating in group activities like committees, clubs, or any other association. Usually, Princess Charlotte will not be selfish, and will always be willing to share everything she has.

Sun Square Jupiter:

     Princess Charlotte will find too much comfort in her life and will not be willing to put much effort into reaching her goals. This is because of the over-protection she receives, especially from her father. She can also show great optimism and naiveté, which could make her believe anything and everything. People can have a big influence on her. Parents must be a bit stricter and must teach her to be more disciplined and to have more dedication to her tasks; otherwise, as an adult Princess Charlotte will be very untidy, indulgent, and will easily commit excesses, such as with food or drink.

Sun Trine Pluto:

     Princess Charlotte will have very intense and dedicated inner motivations, which could put her in a leadership position. She will be passionate about the things she likes, and possibly a fanatic about her ideas. Princess Charlotte will not be satisfied with the status quo and will work hard to transform things into her ideal. She will have great concentration, will power, and a good capacity to throw off any illness or weakness. Princess Charlotte will be very interested in occult sciences and the mysteries of life, and will develop excellent perceptive abilities.

Sun Sextile Neptune:

     Princess Charlotte will be a visionary, an idealistic, and intuitive person. This energy can be channeled through musical or literary expression, although her perception can also take her to areas like investments, research, etc. Princess Charlotte will be very romantic; her life will be full of visions and ideals which will be fulfilled little by little. She will be dedicated to her home and family, because she will always need a harmonious place where her spirit can find peace.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

     Believing only in principles which have been proven over time, Princess Charlotte will be very conservative in many areas of life. She will be very involved with religion, philosophy, and higher education. Princess Charlotte will be independent and sharp; she will persistently seek justice and truth. She will be intellectually disciplined and will have great powers of concentration, which, along with her devotion to her work, will enable her to get whatever she wants. Princess Charlotte will consider her own reputation and social situation very important. She can excel in teaching, politics, or public speaking. Her great sense of justice can be easily offended, and Princess Charlotte will show great resentment.

Saturn in 6th house:

     Most likely Princess Charlotte will always be worried about her duties, as she will be very efficient, careful, and reliable. Everything will be done in a serious manner, and sometimes she may think no one could do anything without her; she will put all of her energy into her work. Because she is so responsible, Princess Charlotte will not have fun or play as much as other children. As an adult, she will be very demanding, and it will not be easy for her to find a job that fills all her expectations. Princess Charlotte will have regular disagreements with bosses and coworkers. However, she will have a great reputation because of her willingness and capacity for hard work.

Mars in Taurus:

     Princess Charlotte will be very obstinate, practical, determined, and very secure. Once she knows which way she wants to go, nothing will change her mind. Princess Charlotte will work very carefully and slowly, but the results will always be very good. She can have good aptitude for handicrafts or other manual activities. Princess Charlotte will be very stubborn and she will feel uncomfortable if someone wants to change the natural rhythm of her movements. She will love acquiring things and will be very possessive of them. Princess Charlotte will tend to be very possessive with people too, and jealousy will not be uncommon in Princess Charlotte's relationships. It will be very important for her to express her anger while it is happening, because her natural tendency is to keep everything to herself, and then to explode when she cannot hold it anymore. She will depend on her own energies to earn money and will have many possessions which will give her security and comfort.

Mars in 12th house

     Princess Charlotte could feel her energy is being held back or limited somehow or she could have difficulty expressing her dynamic or aggressive nature freely. This repression could cause health problems or behavioral inconsistencies. Princess Charlotte must learn to express her aggressiveness in a constructive and open way, so she will not need to fear the consequences. It is probable that Princess Charlotte will be involved with assistance to the needy or helping the handicapped, and she could also be a good administrator in this field. She will be very reserved and will keep secrets well, which could make her a good investigator or detective.

Uranus in 11th house:

     Princess Charlotte will be surrounded by unusual and non-conformist friends who will show the same rebellious attitude as hers. She will make friends easily, though most of her relationships will not be deep or lasting. Princess Charlotte will be interested in group activities as well as everything which is connected with humanity. She will love to be with people and will also love to be admired. Her non-prejudiced attitude will allow her to communicate and relate to others without inhibition. This freedom will be characteristic of all her relationships. Her worst enemy will be inconstancy.

Pluto in 7th house:

     Princess Charlotte will be dynamic, magnetic, and temperamental. Being with people will be the most important aspect of her life.  Most of her personal changes will be the result of her relationships. Princess Charlotte will be attracted by people with strong wills and energy. She will probably choose to marry a person with a different culture and/or religion. Due to these differences and intellectual ones, her marriage could have some problems; the tendency to dominate each other will also cause tensions. Princess Charlotte should control her aggressiveness, otherwise she could gain enemies.

*** Chapter 4 ***
Mentality: intelligence, studies and capacity for


Mercury in Gemini:

     Princess Charlotte's mind will be active and restless.  She will always be looking for change. Her imagination and intellect must be stimulated in order to fully develop her intelligence. Her versatile mind will make her interested in different things at the same time; most likely she will be doing two or three things simultaneously, but she will run the risk of not having good results. Princess Charlotte must learn discipline and perseverance. She can excel in her studies without much effort, thanks to her quick and logical mind. It is probable that Princess Charlotte gets bored with almost everything, so she will always be looking for new things. Her communication will be skillful and without inhibition. She will have a great need to express her ideas and also to know those of others; that is why she will be talkative and always asking questions. Princess Charlotte will show an ability to learn languages, and will also have a good sense of humor. Her sharp mind will make her a master of mimicry. She will always find the funny side of everything. Princess Charlotte may also show an ability for writing, which would make her suited for professions connected with communication, journalism, traveling, photography, languages, and sales.

Mercury in 12th house:

     Princess Charlotte will be reserved and will keep her ideas to herself. She will be good at analyzing other peoples' problems; she will also be fond of metaphysics. Princess Charlotte will experience some difficulties trying to express herself; probably she will be very insecure with her thoughts and will be afraid of being criticized or rejected. Her thoughts are usually based on her emotions, not on her reasoning, so you will need to connect with her sensitivity in order to have an open and serious conversation. Most likely, Princess Charlotte will have a very rich inner world filled with fantasies and illusions, and that will be the place where she will seek shelter when a crisis or problem occurs.

Mercury Opposition Saturn:

     Most likely Princess Charlotte will have deep inhibitions in communicating and expressing her ideas freely. The communication with her father may be limited. Princess Charlotte will be responsible, mature, shy, reserved, and respectful of tradition. Being insecure, she could have problems making decisions; she could also get frustrated with her studies. Princess Charlotte could be very solitary, tending to depression. Due to her inner fears, she could have rigid opinions and very structured thought patterns.

Leo on 3rd house cusp:

     Princess Charlotte's mind will be creative as well as original. She will be interested in learning constructive and artistic subjects where she could express her multiple talents. Princess Charlotte was born to command and to lead people; she will express her ideas with firmness, authority, and pride. In spite of her "take charge" attitude, her ideas and projects will be directed towards the benefit of others. She will work for the well-being of others with all her energy. Princess Charlotte will probably excel in any artistic, literary, or teaching activity. Her fantastic creativity will manifest in everything she does; she will be very particular about her preferences.

*** Chapter 5 ***
Destiny: vocation, profession, probability of success and
social recognition.


Pisces MC

     Princess Charlotte's destiny will make her interested in all living things and ecology in general. At a young age, she will show compassion for animals and plants. She will also have an important mystical facet of her personality which will combine with a messianic vocation. Whatever her profession will be, she will practice it with religious fervor. Princess Charlotte will travel frequently in her life and may have financial ups-and- downs due to her disinterest in money. Princess Charlotte will not live too long in the same place; she will dislike working in closed places. She will feel best being in touch with nature, especially with water. Princess Charlotte will have a big imagination; sometimes her ideas will not be very realistic or practical. Her inspiration and sensitivity can also lead her to succeed in music, singing, or poetry. She will have sudden changes in her profession or destiny in general. She will always look for new horizons to bring harmony to her spirit.

     Her career choice may be one of the following professions: veterinary medicine, botany, ecology, medicine, psychology, social work, nutrition, biology, sailor, nursing, priesthood, etc., and any other profession where Princess Charlotte could express her sensitive and helpful spirit.

     Princess Charlotte many times will feel lonely and will seek companionship among her friends or in a communal group. It will be very important for her to receive a good religious education, guarding against fanaticism. Pisces individuals will have a strong influence on her destiny.

*** Chapter 6 ***
Health: probable physical problems and recommendations for
diet and nutrition.


Sun in Taurus:

     Taurus rules the throat, the neck, the tonsils, the vocal cords. Princess Charlotte will be inclined to have problems with these parts of the body. Children of Taurus are very fearful of illness, so parents should not show their worry in front of her. Her fixed mind will keep thoughts for a long time, and if they are negative, they could alter her health. She will enjoy eating too much; at an early age it is very important for her to learn what and how to eat. Her methodic, stubborn attitude will not allow her as an adult to change very easily what she learned as a child.

     In order to be healthy, Princess Charlotte will have to consider the following advice: she will have to have a balanced diet, avoiding sweet things and sugar; she will have to watch her weight, since an extra pound will be very difficult for her to lose; she will have to exercise (at a gym or perhaps in a dance class) and avoid the tendency to be lazy; she will have to eat fresh, raw vegetables; she will have to avoid too much seasoning on food, as well as drinking too much during meals; she will have to practice breathing exercises (the practice of Yoga could be appropriate); she will have to try to live and work in harmonious and quiet places; she will have to walk everyday as often as possible; and in the future Princess Charlotte will have to learn to moderate her tendency to over-indulge in life's pleasures.

Saturn in Sagittarius:

     This astrological position could bring chronic problems with sciatica, dislocation of the pelvis, lumbago, rheumatism, problems with the hips, or insufficient breathing which will require some exercises to help the oxygenation of the whole organism.

Scorpio on 6th house cusp:

     The short term problems related to Princess Charlotte's health could originate from the lack of digestive enzymes or Vitamin B-13. Her most common problems will probably be provoked by metabolic or genetic changes, irregular production of white and red globules, endocrine problems, illness in the nasal mucous and cartilages, infections in the genitals, etc.

     In order to prevent these problems, Princess Charlotte should include in her diet: peas, alfalfa, spinach, asparagus, beet, endives, potato, broccoli, lettuce, carrots, tomato, onion, garlic, avocado, plum, yogurt, cream cheese, eggs, bee pollen, and fish, especially tuna.

     The long term problems related to Princess Charlotte's health could originate from the excessive sugar and starches in the diet, by the lack of Vitamins E and P, niacin, copper, and chromium. Her most problematic area will be the throat and neck, with tonsillitis, angina, inflammations, loss of voice, polyps, etc. being common complaints.

     It will be very important to replace white sugar with a substitute like honey, non-refined sugar, rice molasses, etc. Princess Charlotte should add to her diet: fresh fruits (of the season), brown rice, wheat germ, raisins, peanut butter, etc. Moderation with sweets is advised. It will also be very important for her to have an outdoor physical activity, in order to oxygenate the blood sufficiently.

Saturn in 6th house:

     Princess Charlotte could have problems related to her bone structure, skin, or hair. This astrological position could bring chronic illness, due to harsh treatment of the body. She should avoid salt and seasoning; she should moderate the consumption of milk products, and as an adult, she should replace the milk with soy milk; she should have a program consisting of a good diet and regular exercise. The problems mentioned above could be more serious, if Princess Charlotte shows inflexibility and structured behaviors.

Mercury in 12th house:

     Princess Charlotte could have problems related to the response of her central nervous or hormonal systems. She should not exert herself to the point of nervous exhaustion; she should moderate her mental activity and participate in a physical activity in order to compensate and release her everyday tension.

Venus in 12th house:

     Princess Charlotte could have some problems with the metabolism of sugar and starch; she could also have vision, hearing and some other problems originating from laziness and the lack of physical activity. Princess Charlotte should avoid eating white sugar, replacing it by some other natural element like honey, non-refined sugar, rice molasses, etc.

Mars in 12th house:

     Princess Charlotte could have problems with infections, inflammations, hemorrhages, burns, fractures, bruises, and muscular pains. She should learn to restrain any kind of precipitate or violent reaction, as these may be the underlying cause of her physical diseases. Also, she should find a positive way to express her aggressiveness, directing her great energy into a constructive outlet.

*** Chapter 7 ***
Generational influence: ideas and feelings common to
your child's age group.


Uranus in Aries:

     Princess Charlotte was born into a generation of pioneers - independent people who believe in themselves, pursue their goals willfully, and rebel against the demands of others. Princess Charlotte will belong to a restless group of people who will break many traditions and old customs. The creation and introduction of new ideas will be another of their important contributions. Most likely, she will exhibit great mental energy, which, used in a constructive way, could result in great inventive productivity; otherwise, it could increase her rebelliousness, uncontrollable behavior, and fanaticism and will cause her to waste her talent.

Uranus Square Pluto:

     Princess Charlotte will be very impatient and a real fighter. She will get angry quite easily about anything and could adopt a negative or destructive attitude about the things she dislikes. She will have strong political ideals and will fight against injustice. Princess Charlotte will not tolerate being restricted or limited in her manner of expression and will rise up against any oppressors.

Neptune in Pisces:

     Princess Charlotte's generation will be very imaginative, sensitive, and intuitive. They will have a great talent for music and arts through which they will express their ideas and feelings. During this period of time many advances will be made in the areas of metaphysics and parapsychology. Mysticism will be legitimized and spiritual qualities like compassion and self-sacrifice will be valued more highly. As a part of this generation, Princess Charlotte will develop strong religious convictions.  Her high level of sensitivity, inspiration, and devotion will make her emotional life very rewarding. Her idealism will lead her to transcend the material world in search of spiritual evolution.

Pluto in Capricorn:

     Princess Charlotte's generation will have a practical and realistic vision of life. They will work very hard to improve life within society in every aspect; many of them will be real political leaders or economic reformers. They will be eager to assume their responsibilities and they will be always ready for action, though they may neglect their emotional needs as a consequence. As a part of this group, Princess Charlotte will show great perseverance, ambition, and capacity to organize and manage in an efficient manner. She will be very conservative and materialistic. She should learn how to express her emotions more openly.

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