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Advanced Forecast Transit Report*

Advanced Forecast Transit Report*

$ 27.95

This 3-month report details planetary influences and provides suggestions for how to take advantage of them.

This detailed 3-month forecast is about 30 pages.

*Although a report does not supplant an in-depth consultation with William Stickevers, these reports will give you the additional level of insight you need for your solar return.

Note: Reports are emailed within 1-2 business days.

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The Advanced Forecast Transit Report for

Donald Trump

June 14, 1946
10:54 AM
Jamaica, New York



November 1, 2015 - May 1, 2016


Oct 8, 2015           (Oct 7, 2015 to Nov 2, 2015)                           f 1st H.

     Your desire for harmony, beauty, and gracious surroundings is stronger than usual and you avoid unpleasantness as much as possible. You're inclined to use charm, gentle coaxing, and loving persuasion rather than more direct, forceful methods to get what you want. At this time, pleasure and affection are more important to you than work, and you may be rather lazy, but pleasantly and cheerfully so.


Oct 14, 2015          (Oct 13, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                         a 3rd H.

     This is likely to be a busy, active time in which telephone calls, errands, commercial transactions, and the business of everyday living takes much of your time. You are also somewhat restless and not inclined to long quiet periods of concentrated or solitary work. You tend to fritter away your time on inconsequential social activities, but this may not be all bad. Taking time to chat with neighbors and associates may result in more positive and smoother-running relationships.


Oct 27, 2015          (Oct 2, 2015 to Nov 27, 2015)                             k n k

    This astrological influence occurs twice in a lifetime, at age 12 - 16 and again at age 67 - 73. At either age, this is a time when you become more independent and self-reliant.

    At age 14 it is a time when you make a big step in becoming less dependent on your parents and learn to depend more on yourself. The teenage years are often a turbulent and difficult period of transition, but during this time period you are able to make the transition a little more smoothly than usual. You will find that at this time, you are better able to communicate with parents about your needs for independence and make important steps to becoming more self-reliant.

    At age 70 this is a time of discovering new interests, increased enthusiasm for creative activities, and a sense of freedom and enjoyment of life. This is an excellent time to involve yourself in the things that you really enjoy. Make a habit of it so it lasts even after this astrological influence is over!


Oct 27, 2015          (Oct 26, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                         d 3rd H.

     Your intellectual curiosity and mental restlessness is high now and you may flit from one activity to another or spend a lot of time chatting and socializing. Plan frequent outings and short excursions to satisfy your need to move about and to communicate.

     This is a good time to take a field trip or to travel for business purposes.


Oct 31, 2015     1 AM (Oct 31, 2015 to Nov 1, 2015)                             f c s

    The craving for sweetness and comfort in the form of loving affection or food is strong now. This is a good time to baby yourself and also to spend time with the people who love and appreciate you the most. Also, you are feeling rather tender and softhearted and may do something "maternal" on impulse (such as take home a stray kitten, offer to babysit, buy a gift for your family, etc.).


Oct 31, 2015     8 AM (Oct 31, 2015 to Nov 1, 2015)                             d n g

    You are eager to discuss your thoughts and plans with others at this time and you may have a very fruitful brainstorming session, a spirited debate, or a very active meeting with others in which things really get accomplished. You are verbally assertive and can present your own plan or idea quite convincingly.


Nov 1, 2015      5 AM (Oct 30, 2015 to Nov 2, 2015)                             g c a

    You are inclined to be aggressive and hot-tempered now, particularly when your will is blocked. Your pushiness or competitive attitude is likely to create antagonism, hostility, and further resistance to your efforts. It is best to work alone rather than try to cooperate or coordinate your efforts with anyone at this time. Also, you are impatient and tend to behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period.


Nov 1, 2015           (Oct 30, 2015 to Dec 18, 2015)                         g 2nd H.

     If you have been passive or nonchalant about business affairs, finances, and material security, you will begin taking a more active, positive attitude toward this area of your life. Increased ambition and enterprise are likely, but arguments over money are also more frequent than usual now.


Nov 1, 2015      3 PM (Oct 31, 2015 to Nov 2, 2015)                             a b d

    If you are a writer, teacher or student or are involved in any intellectual work, this is a positive time for you: ideas flow and it is easier than usual to express your thoughts. Also, this is a good time for buying, selling, negotiating, and communications of all kinds.


Nov 2, 2015     12 AM (Nov 1, 2015 to Nov 2, 2015)                              f c a

    Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore and may interfere with work or complicated situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf. Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. Social gatherings and personal relationships are favored.


Nov 2, 2015           (Nov 1, 2015 to Nov 27, 2015)                          f 2nd H.

     You may be very tempted to spend lavishly on special treats that will make your life more comfortable and pleasant, and frivolous purchases may be hard to resist. This is a fine time, however, to buy art, jewelry, or other beautiful things which will increase in value and be appreciated for a long time to come.


Nov 2, 2015      7 AM (Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 3, 2015)                              d n S

    This is an excellent time to be out and about. There are significant opportunities to make connections, exchange information, and to learn something through a meeting or chance encounter. Letters, phone calls, and conversations that you initiate are productive at this time.


Nov 2, 2015      4 PM (Nov 1, 2015 to Nov 4, 2015)                              g n j

    Self-discipline, training, persevering through a dry or slow period, and working quietly or in meager circumstances are themes in this time period. You have the ability and stamina to concentrate, to work carefully and thoroughly, and to accomplish something modest, yet of real practical value and substance now.


Nov 2, 2015      7 PM (Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 3, 2015)                              a c _

    Underlying or previously hidden aspects of a situation come to light now.

    The misuse of personal power, dominating or manipulating others, and the subtle ways you try to control situations or other people are issues. The tyrant in you comes out, or you find yourself dealing with the more difficult, dark, tyrannical side in other people.

    Also, this can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working - from old, outworn possessions to an unhealthy relationship or a deeply ingrained, self-defeating attitude.


Nov 2, 2015      8 PM (Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 3, 2015)                              f n j

    You are feeling sober and realistic about love at this time, and are interested in being with people you respect and can depend upon - your oldest, true-blue friends. Also, reaching out to an older relative or another mature, experienced person can mean a lot to you and be mutually beneficial now.


Nov 3, 2015      8 AM (Nov 2, 2015 to Nov 4, 2015)                              f b D

    Your friendly concern for others and your willingness to meet people half way benefits your career, reputation, or public image at this time. This is a favorable time to socialize with people you have professional ties with since the positive feelings you generate now are likely to be an aid to you in the future. Beautifying the place where you meet the public and an increased concern about your own physical appearance are also brought out now.


Nov 3, 2015      2 PM (Nov 1, 2015 to Nov 5, 2015)                              g b D

    You can make your influence felt at this time and any efforts you make to advance your career or other important long-range goals will be very effective. Independent action, self-reliance, or taking on more of a leadership position are favored now. You have the green light!


Nov 4, 2015      4 PM (Nov 4, 2015 to Nov 5, 2015)                              f n f

    Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations, and enjoyable social interactions occur now. Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. Also, financial transactions go smoothly for you and material benefits are possible at this time.


Nov 5, 2015      8 PM (Nov 4, 2015 to Nov 7, 2015)                              g n f

    Friendships and love relationships are favored as you are openly affectionate, warm, and also quite responsive to loving gestures from others. It's not enough for you to simply feel loving toward another; at this time you really want to express it and show it physically. An opportunity for a new romance or friendship is likely to surface now and work out quite nicely for you.


Nov 7, 2015      4 PM (Nov 7, 2015 to Nov 8, 2015)                              d b d

    Conversations and sharing plans and ideas with others are very fruitful now. You understand what others are telling you, and you make yourself clearly understood also. This is a favorable time for getting your message across to others via writing, speaking, or advertising.


Nov 8, 2015           (Nov 1, 2015 to Nov 14, 2015)                             h c k

    Restless and free-spirited, you feel like you have to loosen up and break free from restrictive situations at this time. You seek freedom and spontaneity and have little patience with dry, tedious situations. Normally, you may be able to tolerate a traffic jam, but not now. Fortunately, you do not tend to react with anger; you simply go off and do something that is more fun, even if that means missing appointments or being negligent in meeting responsibilities. You are in too good of a mood to be bogged down with obligations. This may not always be wise, but you do have a good time!

    This is the time to be doing something new and unusual. You may get an impulse to experiment with something new, or a friend may invite you to do something you haven't done before. Go along; you will love it and you will be glad you went.

    You feel rather youthful and reckless. You may enjoy playing pranks and engaging in other childish delights at this time. Needless to say, this may be embarrassing to friends and family! Nevertheless, acting out of character is a good thing to do now, and you will not regret doing it as long as you don't get so reckless that you hurt yourself or someone else.

    You also feel unusually lucky and consequently do not hesitate to gamble or speculate. Actually, you are a little luckier than usual now but, like the proverbial gambler who does not know when to stop, you are likely to keep betting and lose a great deal in the end.


Nov 8, 2015      9 AM (Nov 8, 2015 to Nov 9, 2015)                              d c _

    It is impossible for you to be content with superficial answers now, and you are impatient with people who avoid looking candidly and honestly at root causes and hidden reasons for any problem or situation. You tend to force your views on other people now. Also, you can become obsessed with an idea or problem until you have figured it out.


Nov 8, 2015           (Oct 13, 2015 to Mar 4, 2016)                             k x h

    Daily concerns and worries fade during this time period, and you become motivated by the need to become free of restrictions, obligations, and responsibilities. Even if you do not consciously recognize that this need for freedom is at work, you will find yourself distancing yourself from others that restrict your freedom, investigating alternative life styles that allow greater flexibility and freedom in your life, or perhaps even considering get-rich-quick schemes that would free you from the demands of your current job. Depending on your current situation, the move to greater freedom can take many forms. You may quit your job, go into business for yourself, speculate in a grand venture, or break up a relationship. In one way or another, this is a time when you seek to become free of obligations and restrictions in your life.

    It is likely that opportunities for making big changes will occur suddenly, with little advance notice. Consequently you have little time to fully consider the issues and you may be undecided as to whether to make a big move now or not. Unfortunately, I cannot answer that question definitively, but here are some guidelines that may help. If you leave your job or distance yourself from another person, be open and sympathetic to others during this process. You have a tendency now to go merrily on your way, not realizing that you may be hurting someone's feelings or leaving people who depended on you without adequate replacement. Also, do not jump into a venture that is full of grandiose exaggerations and hyped-up claims. This is certainly the time when you may receive a wonderful offer or a big breakthrough of some kind, but you can just as easily be overwhelmed by exaggerations and unrealistic optimism. It is up to you to be able to distinguish the difference between a pipe dream and a genuinely sound opportunity.


Nov 10, 2015     3 PM (Nov 10, 2015 to Nov 11, 2015)                            a ? k

    Nervous tension, impatience, uneven or erratic rhythms, and/or a disruption of your usual pace can make this time very challenging. You are apt to deal with some recalcitrant people or become that way yourself. Beware of burning bridges behind you in your heightened impatience or restless intolerance of anything that thwarts you now.


Nov 13, 2015     5 AM (Nov 12, 2015 to Nov 14, 2015)                            d ? k

     You tend to be tense, "wired", on edge, a bit nervous or jumpy, and you will need to take a little time to breathe deeply and settle yourself. The pace of the day may make this difficult, however. You are apt to be too quick to respond or respond inappropriately to questions, tests, quizzes, etc. If you consciously slow down, you will do a lot better.


Nov 14, 2015    12 AM (Nov 13, 2015 to Nov 14, 2015)                            f z l

    Your romantic imagination is strong now. Dreams of an idealized "true love" or feelings of compassion and oneness with others emerge strongly at this time.

    Your perception of people gets rather hazy; you tend to see them through rose-colored glasses. It is best not to make firm commitments at this time.

    If you have creative or artistic inclinations, your work will blossom. You can come up with some really lovely, inspiring images.


Nov 15, 2015     3 PM (Nov 14, 2015 to Nov 16, 2015)                            a ? a

    At this time you may feel out of your element or out of sync with yourself or your surroundings. Interference from others requires adjustment and perhaps sacrifice on your part. What you have to offer or want to do doesn't mesh well with what seems to be necessary. While not a full blown crisis, it is a time of strain and tension, which can be somewhat debilitating to your health. A partial retreat in order not to deplete yourself and your strength is beneficial right now. You may be upstaged by other people or events which occur now.


Nov 16, 2015          (Nov 7, 2015 to Nov 24, 2015)                             j n l

     Increased awareness of the needs of others and a greater willingness to give of yourself is emphasized at this time. Cooperation with others on charitable works is highlighted. You are likely to find yourself involved with others in an activity designed to benefit some needy group of people, or you engage in a goodwill activity such as making improvements in degenerated neighborhoods or other neglected areas in your community.

     Take advantage of opportunities to share with others in noble and charitable causes. Although the opportunity may present itself, you may turn it down. Also, if you have had an idea for helping some neglected or needy situation in your community but have not been sure how or when to approach the issue, now is the time when your efforts will be met with interest and support.

     This astrological influence is not extremely powerful and the results may not bring you tangible rewards, but the effects are very significant, meaningful, and important from a spiritual perspective.


Nov 16, 2015     9 AM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                            d ? a

     An incident involving miscommunications, missed messages, or missed meetings which causes a change of plans is likely. Co-workers, secretaries, receptionists, and other people you may normally take for granted, but who keep the flow of your life running smoothly, may be unaccountably inconsistent or simply keep you at bay. You may also get a bit of news that you will wish you hadn't. Try to take these minor annoyances and irritations in stride.


Nov 16, 2015    12 PM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                            a b j

    Today it is easy for you to concentrate on your work, to eliminate what is superfluous or distracting you from what you really need to do. You have the self-control and discipline to apply yourself to tasks that you may have been avoiding. You want to put your affairs in order and have a greater tolerance for tedium than usual. This is a good time to tackle mundane chores and practical business.


Nov 16, 2015     5 PM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                            f c d

    Your thoughts turn to love and this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now. You readily discuss your personal needs and desires. Also, you are more aware of beauty and may want to rearrange your decor or buy something to beautify your surroundings.


Nov 16, 2015    10 PM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 17, 2015)                            d b j

    The emphasis is now on long-range financial planning, thinking about future security, and formulating strategies to achieve your ambitions. Your ability to study quietly, to concentrate on complex mental work, and to think deeply about serious matters is much better than usual. This is a good time to organize your affairs and also to seek professional advice about your concerns.


Nov 17, 2015     1 AM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 18, 2015)                            a x D

    This is a time for withdrawing your energy, attention, and efforts from the outside world and external goals in order to replenish yourself. Quiet reflection and attention to your inner world, your family, and the foundation that supports all of your outside activities is called for. This is a time to "lie low". You may have to work quietly or without much outside recognition at this time.


Nov 17, 2015          (Nov 16, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015)                         a 4th H.

     Your domestic affairs, family relationships, and most intimate personal life are the focus of your attention now. This is a time to do what you can to build trust in your family life and a strong foundation within yourself, so that regardless of what you meet in the outside world, you have a secure place to return to. If you are of a contemplative nature, now is an ideal time to meditate and reflect. Your home is very important to you now also, and this is a good time to give it extra attention.


Nov 17, 2015     6 AM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 18, 2015)                            d x D

    Your mind is directed inward now. Reflecting on your personal life, and the overall direction you are headed in, is very likely now. Thoughts of the past and the choices you made are also prominent. Making a decision regarding your home or your family life is favored at this time.


Nov 17, 2015          (Nov 16, 2015 to Dec 9, 2015)                          d 4th H.

     You are likely to be in a rather nostalgic frame of mind, remembering earlier days and thinking and speaking about past events. This is a good time for communicating with family members, perhaps re-establishing your connection or resolving a long standing problem between you. Speaking about very personal, private matters comes easier to you now. You may also find it worthwhile to record some of your musings, memories, and thoughts in a journal or diary.


Nov 17, 2015     7 PM (Nov 16, 2015 to Nov 18, 2015)                            f n _

    Your feelings for friends and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, to give and receive love, and to be accepted and wanted is very strong. You have an opportunity now to see what keeps you from being really close to others - perhaps a forgotten hurt or hidden resentment - and to rid yourself of it by bringing it out in the open or simply releasing it.


Nov 18, 2015     3 AM (Nov 18, 2015 to Nov 19, 2015)                            d b f

    You are very congenial and cooperative now and more interested in the similarities than in the differences between yourself and others. This is a very good time to let people know you care about them: send a card, write a note of appreciation or even a love letter! You may also want to buy something beautiful, pleasing, and frivolous which simply makes you feel good.


Nov 18, 2015    10 AM (Nov 18, 2015 to Nov 19, 2015)                            a b f

    Giving and receiving appreciation, love, and happiness come into your life now. You are moved to express your affections more openly than usual. You also want to be surrounded with beauty and harmonious people, and your artistic efforts flourish.


Nov 18, 2015     7 PM (Nov 18, 2015 to Nov 19, 2015)                            d c g

    Errors made in haste, speaking too forcefully, sharp words spoken on impulse, or accidents occurring due to restlessness and impatience are all possible at this time.

    You feel that you have to fight for what you want or believe in, and you are very clear, decisive, and convincing right now, but you also tend to stir up more controversy or competitive feelings than is really necessary.


Nov 19, 2015    11 AM (Nov 18, 2015 to Nov 20, 2015)                            a c g

    You know just what you want right now and woe to anyone or anything that gets in your way! You are much more likely to become domineering, pushy, or inconsiderate of others now, so it is a good time for you to do what you need to do by yourself rather than with others. Accidents, mistakes made in haste, or ego conflicts may occur due to your impatience and willfulness. Positively, physical energy is high and you could accomplish a great deal.


Nov 20, 2015     7 PM (Nov 20, 2015 to Nov 21, 2015)                            d c S

    You will be alert and on your toes now. The pace is likely to be fast, even hectic. You are restless and eager to meet others halfway, to converse, exchange information, and make connections. Nervousness or irritability due to aggravations and the stress of increased demands at work is possible.


Nov 22, 2015     3 PM (Nov 22, 2015 to Nov 23, 2015)                            a c S

    You may feel out of step with the people in your immediate environment now, not in harmony with the intentions and desires of those you work or live with.

    Relationships, especially professional ones, can be tense, especially if you attempt to work your own will. This is not a time to force issues.


Nov 22, 2015     4 PM (Nov 20, 2015 to Nov 24, 2015)                            g z l

    You have strange desires, impulses, and feelings which are difficult to describe or understand. Your usual daily pursuits seem drab, meaningless, or curiously unsatisfying, so that it may be difficult to motivate yourself and focus on your work. On the other hand, you can get very fired up about something out of the ordinary, an ideal or dream, or fantasy that you usually consider too impractical to actually do anything about. Your imagination is very active. Artistic, creative work which expresses a visionary, whimsical, or fantastic quality is very fulfilling to you at this time.


Nov 24, 2015     8 AM (Nov 24, 2015 to Nov 25, 2015)                            f z h

    Happiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the theme now. You are feeling generous and expansive and are inclined to give lavish gifts or buy something lovely for yourself that is costly or extravagant. A diet or budget is likely to go out the window right now. As long as you don't overextend yourself, this is a good time to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others and also to be kind and indulgent to yourself.


Nov 24, 2015     1 PM (Nov 24, 2015 to Nov 25, 2015)                            d n l

    Your ability to concentrate on mundane concerns and problems diminishes now. The world of imagination, fantasy, entertainment, or art holds more attraction for you. Go to a movie with a friend (or write your own!). Also, your psychic sensitivity and intuition are heightened at this time. You are more impressionable and open, but somewhat less precise and clear mentally.


Nov 24, 2015     5 PM (Nov 24, 2015 to Nov 25, 2015)                            f b k

    Unexpected pleasures, new friends, or a more playful, adventurous attitude in your relationships make this time period stimulating and delightful. You want a break from your usual routine and, because you are willing to experiment and to be spontaneous, you are likely to experience a refreshing change of pace. A new romance or a revitalization of a current one is very likely.


Nov 26, 2015    11 AM (Nov 26, 2015 to Nov 27, 2015)                            d ? d

     Expect last minute changes and adjustments, poor timing, or an annoying glitch in anything involving papers, contracts, appointments and meetings, or previously scheduled engagements.

     You may have to reword a proposal or in some other way adjust your thinking or way of communicating in order to come to an agreement. Nervous irritation and/or mental exhaustion could result.


Nov 27, 2015     6 AM (Nov 26, 2015 to Nov 28, 2015)                            d b _

    There is great depth to your conversations. You find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, and also asking very penetrating questions of others. Superficial answers don't satisfy you now. This is an excellent time to investigate a complex problem or mystery, look for something that has been lost or hidden, and also to learn more about your own inner depths.


Nov 27, 2015     8 AM (Nov 26, 2015 to Nov 28, 2015)                            f n s

    This is an excellent time to have company or to give a party at your home. You are feeling hospitable and loving and need to share comfort and affection with close friends and family. Home improvements or beautifying your surroundings in some way is also favored now.


Nov 27, 2015          (Nov 26, 2015 to Dec 25, 2015)                         f 3rd H.

     Cooperative neighbors and agreeable relations with people in your immediate circle characterize this time period. It is an excellent time to make social visits, ameliorate old grievances, and make friendly overtures to others. Attending cultural events and taking short trips for pleasure and recreation are quite satisfying now.


Nov 27, 2015     6 PM (Nov 26, 2015 to Nov 29, 2015)                            g c d

    Verbal battles, disputes, and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much forethought, tact, or consideration of consequences. Right now you will say the things you usually only think, especially to people you disagree with. Also, you are quite impatient and easily frustrated and are inclined to move about too quickly and abruptly, which can cause accidents. Unless you slow your pace down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache.


Nov 28, 2015    10 AM (Nov 28, 2015 to Nov 29, 2015)                            a n l

    Today you feel less competitive and ambitious about practical and mundane matters. The world of imagination, fantasy, art, music, or mysticism is very appealing to you now, and if you have talent in any of these areas, this can be a creative and fruitful time for you. However, the negative possibilities for you now are being undisciplined, slack, indefinite, or wasting time and energy.


Nov 29, 2015     2 AM (Nov 28, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015)                            f b a

    Relaxation, enjoyment, and pleasure are emphasized now. This is not a time to push yourself or to be involved in activities that require intense competition or a great expenditure of energy. Cooperative, harmonious personal and professional relationships are more important to you at this time. You feel like socializing and being friendly.


Nov 29, 2015     6 PM (Nov 28, 2015 to Dec 1, 2015)                             g n _

    You may be considering a major overhaul or revision in your ambitions at this time. If you do not have a sense of meaningful purpose or a passionate commitment to anything, you will want to reassess where you are going and why. If you do have a clear goal, you can make significant progress and work with great satisfaction now. An opportunity to do what you really want to do is likely.


Nov 29, 2015     9 PM (Nov 29, 2015 to Nov 30, 2015)                            f c j

    Withdrawing from emotional social contact is favored now, for even when you are with others you are likely to feel separate and alone. Sadness and disappointments in your personal life are also probable now. Inadequacies and flaws in your friends or lovers are particularly bothersome to you now, and you may feel that you have nearly exhausted your patience for dealing with these problems. It is a time to be quiet and to look objectively at how your relationships are going. Though not a pleasurable time, this can be a fruitful period in which to learn more about love and what you truly value.


Nov 30, 2015          (Nov 21, 2015 to Dec 9, 2015)                             h c s

    During this time period you insist on having more time to enjoy the company of friends and family. A family get-together is likely at this time. Your disposition is cheerful, outgoing, and warm, and you have a wonderful time sharing feelings and interests with others. This is a time when you can break down a communication barrier or feeling of distance with a person that you feel you cannot get close to.

    If you have been feeling lonely or wish you had more friends, this is an excellent time to get out of your house and meet new people. Join a club or attend a meeting or social event; you will meet people whose company you really enjoy and be glad you went. You need to expand your circle of friends a little now and break out of some old habits that are keeping you caught in a rut.

    Your interest in enjoying yourself and having a good time is likely to extend to food as well, and you may put on a few pounds. Of course, it is not healthful to go overboard on rich foods and sweets. On the other hand, dieting at this time is likely to be unsuccessful and this is not a good time to be on a strict weight-reducing program.


Nov 30, 2015     8 AM (Nov 30, 2015 to Dec 1, 2015)                             f ? D

     Self-consciousness, anxiety about public images or reputation, and/or a greater concern for the packaging than the contents are some of the less positive possibilities for you at this time. You are apt to be rather attractive and appealing, particularly at the work place or in your professional role. Be careful not to take advantage of this for it could backfire. On a more pleasant note, an inviting atmosphere at work and appreciation for work well done is indicated. You could make some new contacts too, which would be good, except for the caution cited above.


Dec 1, 2015     10 AM (Nov 30, 2015 to Dec 2, 2015)                             a ? d

    Communications are delayed or interfered with now. Somehow, the message you intended and the one that was received or perceived are not quite the same. There is quite a bit of static on the line, metaphorically and quite possibly literally as well. You also find that the way others talk or try to convey their ideas is grating and just goes against your grain. Try not to let their minor irritations get blown out of proportion. Most likely it is style rather than substantive disagreements which cause tension now.


Dec 1, 2015      1 PM (Nov 30, 2015 to Dec 2, 2015)                             f c f

    What occurs now makes you more aware of what you need, feel, and want in your relationships. If you are unhappy in your personal life, this is brought out now, and you'll need to face what is causing your dissatisfaction. Differences in personal style, tastes, and ways of expressing affection may emerge. You also feel amorous and loving and, if your personal life is going well, this is a time to really enjoy and appreciate it.


Dec 2, 2015     12 AM (Dec 1, 2015 to Dec 2, 2015)                              d n h

    You are optimistic, hopeful, and forward-looking at this time. You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Now is a time for communicating your enthusiasm, sharing your plans and dreams, and also being more receptive to others' thoughts and points of view. Contracts, negotiations, and business dealings of all kinds are favored now.


Dec 2, 2015      7 AM (Dec 2, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015)                              d x k

    This time is filled with stimulating discussions about controversial topics, unusual or offbeat ideas, or "crazy" schemes. The tempo of your life increases and may leave you feeling frazzled. Because you are quite restless, you may do or say things in haste that you will regret later.


Dec 2, 2015     10 AM (Dec 2, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015)                              f n g

    Romance and flirtations are likely now. You are feeling warm, expressive, and lively. Loving feelings flow between you and the people you meet, especially those of the opposite sex. Friendships are also strengthened at this time. Also, your creativity and desire to make something beautiful is stimulated now.


Dec 2, 2015      2 PM (Dec 2, 2015 to Dec 3, 2015)                              a b _

    This is an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life from clutter and disorder in your environment to an unhealthy relationship or even a long-held attitude or belief which keeps you from going after what you really want in life.

    You are also more perceptive than usual. You see other people's true colors more clearly and you may discover a secret or the hidden aspect of some situation.

    Something lost, hidden, or forgotten may come to light.


Dec 4, 2015      5 AM (Dec 4, 2015 to Dec 5, 2015)                              d z s

    Conversations have a particularly emotional, intimate, or nostalgic tone. Sharing memories and reminiscences or discussing a very personal topic with someone you feel you can trust is likely now. You may have a significant communication (letter, phone call, or personal discussion) with someone who was once very important to you or with whom you have a long history. This is a good time to reflect, review, and get a perspective on emotional matters or things of the past.


Dec 5, 2015      4 AM (Dec 4, 2015 to Dec 6, 2015)                              f n S

    Light and pleasant interactions characterize this time period. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm and by enlisting the support of your friends, rather than by being forthright and bold. You are willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your environment.


Dec 5, 2015      1 PM (Dec 4, 2015 to Dec 6, 2015)                              d x a

    A short trip, or at least a lot of activity and movement, is very likely now. A significant conversation, learning from another person, and getting your own ideas and perceptions across to others is also likely. You may hear from someone who has important information for you or feel a pressing need to write or call someone else in order to bring some matter in the open. Communications of all kinds play an important role in your life now.


Dec 6, 2015      2 AM (Dec 6, 2015 to Dec 7, 2015)                              d ? j

     Your thoughts tend to be gloomy. There may be work ahead of you because of past errors of judgment. Or you may be sobering up after a "honeymoon" period with something or someone. You also hear a bit of information that troubles you. Try to do what you can without worrying excessively or burdening yourself with the entire load of responsibility. Even if a problem cannot be solved or eradicated, it can be managed in an intelligent way.


Dec 6, 2015     11 AM (Dec 6, 2015 to Dec 7, 2015)                              d ? D

     This is a time to take in information which can be of real practical assistance to you in reaching a significant long-range goal. Some news may reach you which will create some minor distress and compel you to re-examine or reassess a position you have taken regarding your career or work in the world. Don't try to force issues or come to any definite conclusions now and don't sign any contracts which require too much compromise on your part. Simply gather information and, if necessary, delay direct negotiations.


Dec 7, 2015      8 AM (Dec 6, 2015 to Dec 8, 2015)                              d ? f

     Misunderstandings with a friend or someone you are usually in harmony with are likely to arise now, especially if you feel you are being taken for granted. You are more acutely aware of differences in style, taste, or values. You will want your personal preferences to be appreciated and taken into account.


Dec 8, 2015     12 AM (Dec 8, 2015 to Dec 9, 2015)                              d b g

    This is a good time to assert your own needs and desires, to communicate to others what you really want. You are sharp, clear, decisive, and articulate. You can't stand being idle now; you are ready for challenging, intellectual activities and attacking difficult problems on the job.


Dec 9, 2015           (Dec 9, 2015 to Feb 15, 2016)                          d 5th H.

     Entertainment and amusements that are mentally challenging, such as chess, crossword puzzles, or other word games, have a strong appeal to you now. You will also enjoy dramatic presentations, the theater, creative writing and, if you have natural leanings in any of these areas, you will be inspired with ideas for future creative projects.


Dec 9, 2015      9 PM (Dec 8, 2015 to Dec 10, 2015)                             a n h

    Agreements, contracts, and joining your efforts with others will work out very much to your advantage now. A friend or person in authority may offer help or present an opportunity which will benefit you now or in the future. Also, you will reap rewards later for the generosity and aid you extend to others at this time.


Dec 10, 2015     2 AM (Dec 10, 2015 to Dec 11, 2015)                            d b S

    Communications are excellent now. You come across clearly and present yourself articulately. Public speaking, interviews, and other transactions with the public are favored. Conversations you have at this time go smoothly, and an agreement can be reached.


Dec 10, 2015     7 AM (Dec 10, 2015 to Dec 11, 2015)                            a x k

    Relationships go awry or at least take an unexpected turn. The need for more freedom, independence, or novelty on your part, or on the part of someone close to you, may disrupt the status quo in an important relationship. You may also come into contact with someone who is very different from yourself and who challenges, surprises, or upsets you. Expect the unexpected in your relationships!


Dec 11, 2015          (Dec 3, 2015 to Dec 20, 2015)                             j ? d

     Interrupted, delayed, or frustrated communication will make this a trying time. You may experience lost or misdirected mail, messages which are forgotten or not relayed until it is too late, or breakdowns in cars or other forms of transportation. There are numerous minor fiascos and adjustments which have to be made.

     Written agreements or verbal promises go awry, negotiations are painstaking or broken off altogether, and in general it would be better to postpone such matters. Your own reflexes or mental acuity may be slowed down now too.


Dec 12, 2015    11 AM (Dec 10, 2015 to Dec 14, 2015)                            g z h

    This is an excellent time to begin a new business enterprise or any new venture. You have the drive and courage to make your vision a reality. You feel great physically, and your confidence and optimism are high, so whatever you attempt now is likely to succeed.


Dec 12, 2015     5 PM (Dec 12, 2015 to Dec 13, 2015)                            f b d

    This is a good time to schedule social activities or even business meetings where tact and friendliness would be a plus. You act as a diplomat and harmonizer between people with differing viewpoints. Also, attending cultural events such as an art show or a play is favored. Thoughts of love, an appreciation for beauty, and an aesthetic enjoyment of your surroundings are brought to the fore. A short pleasure trip would also be beneficial now.


Dec 13, 2015     5 AM (Dec 11, 2015 to Dec 14, 2015)                            g b k

    Increased physical courage and a strong sense of adventure combine to make this a very interesting time. You need to do something innovative, daring, unusual, liberating, exciting, and challenging. You are inclined to act on some of the wilder impulses and desires you feel from time to time. You crave stimulation. If you have an inventive streak, you could make a startling discovery or breakthrough now.


Dec 13, 2015     6 AM (Dec 12, 2015 to Dec 14, 2015)                            a z s

    Key issues now are your home, personal life, and closest emotional relationships. You feel more quiet and reflective, and you feel a need to be closer to home and to loved ones. You can draw a lot of strength and satisfaction from your family and roots now, but if all is not well in this area, you will clearly see any difficulties or inadequacies at this time. You are more emotional and subjective than usual.


Dec 13, 2015     4 PM (Dec 12, 2015 to Dec 14, 2015)                            f c _

    Hidden passions, fears, jealousies, longings, desires, or needs surface in you now and can stir up trouble in your closest relationships. You are prone to be compulsive or demanding in a close relationship, to be emotionally driven and to force things to a head in some emotionally-laden situation. Positively, a relationship can be deepened and reborn now, given new life by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one.


Dec 13, 2015    10 PM (Dec 13, 2015 to Dec 14, 2015)                            d c l

    Mental clarity, discrimination, and your ability to separate fact from fiction is diminished now. Miscommunications and an inability to formulate your ideas coherently are likely. Your mind wanders, and this can be a time of creative reverie or daydreaming. Avoid making binding contracts at this time.


Dec 15, 2015     6 AM (Dec 14, 2015 to Dec 16, 2015)                            a x a

    This is a time to get others' opinions and feedback about yourself and what you are doing. Relationships of all types are activated now and cooperation, compromise, and adjustments to others' viewpoints are key issues that require your attention. You may come into contact with a person who is especially creative or influential in your life.


Dec 15, 2015    10 PM (Dec 15, 2015 to Dec 16, 2015)                            d x d

    Exchanging information, ideas, and opinions plays an important role in your life now. A significant conversation with someone who has a very different attitude or perspective than your own is likely. Try to be receptive and learn as much as you can from others at this time. Also, mental curiosity or restlessness impels you to get out and about, perhaps take a short trip or visit.


Dec 16, 2015     3 AM (Dec 16, 2015 to Dec 17, 2015)                            a ? j

    A disappointment or sobering realization forces you to re-evaluate your course, make adjustments, and draw upon more of your resources than you had planned to. Overwork, a feeling of pressure and unease, and the weight of responsibilities may precipitate a minor health crisis. Avoid exhausting your energies at this time; lie low and do only what is truly necessary.


Dec 16, 2015     4 PM (Dec 16, 2015 to Dec 17, 2015)                            a ? D

     A minor social disgrace or embarrassment is likely now, especially if you are in the public eye. You may be upstaged or challenged in a particularly disconcerting way. However, how you handle any humiliation or adverse situation which occurs at this time may well be crucial to future success. Influential men in your life are implicated.


Dec 16, 2015     5 PM (Dec 16, 2015 to Dec 17, 2015)                            d ? _

     Your plans and ideas are subject to radical revisions, significant changes, and forced adjustments. Something you had counted on may suddenly disappear. You are also apt to hear a totally unsuspected side about someone or something. While possibly distressing, this news nevertheless puts pieces together for you which were missing before. Also, you may be dealing with behind-the-scene matters, subtle political maneuvers, or Machiavellian tactics.


Dec 18, 2015    12 AM (Dec 18, 2015 to Dec 19, 2015)                            a ? f

    Right now, you are prone to feel vaguely dissatisfied with your personal life, especially the romantic side of it. In social situations, there is an uneasiness, clumsiness, or perhaps some sort of minor embarrassment or faux pas on your part. If you do artistic or creative work, you may be more critical of it than usual, feel that it is not well received or appreciated, or simply feel a little dry and uninspired. Without realizing it, you are probably censoring yourself. Accepting imperfection and being patient in both the creative and the romantic aspects of your life will be necessary.


Dec 18, 2015    10 AM (Dec 16, 2015 to Dec 20, 2015)                            g n s

    You easily become fired up emotionally at this time, especially about people, places, or causes you have a strong attachment to from the past, such as your alma mater or your home town. You care more passionately and respond instinctively and emotionally to whatever happens to you at this time. Also, you are energized and invigorated now and eager to be involved in projects that benefit your children, family, or home.


Dec 18, 2015          (Dec 17, 2015 to Feb 21, 2016)                         g 3rd H.

     At this time, you communicate more directly and forcefully, and you are prone to be rather abrasive. Impatient with others' ambiguity, vagueness, or noncommittal stance, you may provoke arguments in an effort to get a clear answer or decision from someone. It is better to "attack" some intellectual problem or task, rather than your neighbors and friends.


Dec 19, 2015     1 AM (Dec 18, 2015 to Dec 20, 2015)                            a b g

    You have an abundance of physical energy and self-confidence right now and can take on new projects and challenges with ease. You feel bolder and less dependent on others' affirmation and approval.

    Taking a strong stand or striking out on your own in some manner is likely to work out well for you.


Dec 20, 2015     6 AM (Dec 20, 2015 to Dec 21, 2015)                            f ? k

     You find it stressful to balance needs for freedom and independence with needs for love and intimate companionship. You really behave quite oddly or aloof right now which will put others off considerably thus affording you the space you need, but at a cost. You are also attracted to the exotic, offbeat, unusual, or bizarre at this time. People or things which might offend your senses at other times now arouse your appreciation and interest. This will not be a boring time if you can help it! But it is apt to be a tense time if you are in a close, bonded relationship.


Dec 21, 2015          (Dec 20, 2015 to Jan 22, 2016)                         a 5th H.

     You are energized and inspired creatively and emotionally at this time, and you want to bring forth all that is within you. You express yourself more freely, playfully, and spontaneously and are more willing to take chances. The dramatic and performing arts, sports and games, or other forms of self-expression and entertainment appeal strongly to you now.


Dec 21, 2015     6 PM (Dec 21, 2015 to Dec 22, 2015)                            d c h

    Your mind is on bigger issues and long-range plans. You are optimistic and enthusiastic about your ideas, but disinclined to read the fine print or study all the facts, which can result in an error in judgment. Try not to be lax about important details.


Dec 22, 2015    12 AM (Dec 20, 2015 to Dec 23, 2015)                            g b a

    Your vitality and self-confidence are high, and you can achieve your goals with much more ease than usual. You enjoy vigorous physical activities, competitive work or sports, and meeting challenges. You are inclined to strike out on your own and to assert your own will, but not in a way that creates resistance in others.


Dec 22, 2015     2 AM (Dec 22, 2015 to Dec 23, 2015)                            d ? k

     You tend to be tense, "wired", on edge, a bit nervous or jumpy, and you will need to take a little time to breathe deeply and settle yourself. The pace of the day may make this difficult, however. You are apt to be too quick to respond or respond inappropriately to questions, tests, quizzes, etc. If you consciously slow down, you will do a lot better.


Dec 22, 2015          (Dec 13, 2015 to Dec 31, 2015)                            j b _

     Your dedication and commitment to your work and responsibilities at this time is very high. Your work is cut out for you. Hard work is needed by you at your place of employment and you respond to the situation with reliable and consistent performance. Your work is meaningful and you recognize that you are providing a tangible, valuable service to others, which gives you great satisfaction. The progress you make now is particularly important to you personally because you are doing many of the things that you have yearned to do in the past. The work is not glamorous and external rewards are not tremendous, but do not let that deter your efforts. What you do now assists you in continuing your pursuit of deeply important and meaningful work. Take advantage of this time period to develop your concentration and talents in these areas of personal interest. You can stabilize and strengthen a position in life that will remain suitable for you for many years to come.


Dec 22, 2015     4 AM (Dec 22, 2015 to Dec 23, 2015)                            a b S

    You are in harmony with the people in your immediate environment. There is a sense of ease and of flowing with, rather than fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you. Therefore, you have more energy and more fun at this time.

    Now is a good time to make a presentation, go for an interview, or meet the public in some way; the response is positive.


Dec 23, 2015     1 PM (Dec 21, 2015 to Dec 25, 2015)                            g c j

    This is likely to be a time of considerable frustration and discouragement for you. You are unusually sensitive to criticism of your efforts and to the limitations and restraints that your responsibilities entail. Fighting with authority figures or lashing out at others who restrict you in any way is a strong possibility. A sense of struggle or of being overwhelmed by obstacles and blockages is likely to characterize this period. Be patient and don't demand too much of yourself at this time. Work quietly and steadily and rely only on your own resources.


Dec 24, 2015    11 AM (Dec 24, 2015 to Dec 25, 2015)                            f ? a

     Right now, you will be tempted to do something for pleasure which you ordinarily wouldn't enjoy or even be interested in. Influences from a lover or friend pull you in a direction that is a bit off the beaten track for you. If you goof off or choose to indulge yourself, there will be some form of pay back later. Beware of indulgences that compromise your values or integrity.


Dec 24, 2015    12 PM (Dec 22, 2015 to Dec 26, 2015)                            g ? D

     Disputes over work, career, professional reputation, and long-range personal goals are indicated. Premature action, showing your cards too soon, or inability to rely on co-workers or suppliers can cause much aggravation. You may somehow threaten your superiors or others who are influential in helping you gain your objectives. Biding your time would be better in the long run, though right now it may rile you.


Dec 25, 2015     4 AM (Dec 24, 2015 to Dec 26, 2015)                            f b j

    This is an excellent time to make decisions about your financial affairs, as your judgment is sound and reliable, though a bit conservative. Investing in beautiful things which are likely to increase in value over time (such as jewelry or fine art) is favored. You are not interested in fleeting excitement or frivolity now. Spending "quality time" with an old and trusted friend or enjoying the company of an experienced, mature person who has much of substance to give you will make you happy.


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