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Family 3-Report Package

Family 3-Report Package

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Better Understand Your Family Relationships According to Your Birth Charts

Includes 3 Reports - select any combination of the following:

  • Romantic Compatibility Report - for the parents' relationship
  • Child/Teen Report - guidance for the parents on raising the child/children according to their natal chart(s)
  • Friendship Compatibility Report - for siblings - insight into the relationship dynamics of a platonic relationship according to each person's natal chart

REQUIRED: The birth data (birth date, time of birth - exact time, city of birth) is required for each person.

Your Innate Desire for Cosmic Expression to Manifest Through You

Your birth chart is the blueprint of what you are here to be, do, and experience.  It displays your innate desire for cosmic expression to manifest through you, as well as the cosmic expression manifesting through your family members.  Better understanding your family relationships astrologically can bring more understanding and perspective in the family dynamic.

A Specially Curated Package to Better Understand Your Family Members and Improve Relationships

This combination of reports provides insight to the parents' relationship, guidance for raising each child, and sibling relationships according to each birth chart combination. 

The Romantic Compatibility Report compares the temperaments and life styles that affect the couple's ability to harmonize with each other and reveals major themes in the relationship.

The Child/Teen Report is written specifically for parents, focusing on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc.

The Friendship Compatibility Report provides insight on how to handle problem areas and better appreciate each other as friends.

Purchasing this report package, you not only save 10% off the regular report price, but you get a better, more well-rounded understanding of your family relationships according to the natal charts of your family members.

Clients have said...

"The [Romantic Compatibility] Report was wonderful! Seems we have a few minor hurdles to overcome but overall things seem to be very positive. Thank you!" -S.D. 

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