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Karmic Insight Report*

Karmic Insight Report*

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Reveals your soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

This in-depth report gives you an esoteric point of view and a look into your soul's intentions and lessons to be learned in this lifetime based on reverberations from past lifetimes. Clarify your lessons and goals and illuminate your struggles.

The Karmic Insight report concentrates on the aspects of the Moon (unresolved past-life issues that have been re-stimulated), the Sun (weaknesses, fears) while also interpreting all other hard and soft aspects.

*Although a report does not supplant an in-depth consultation with William Stickevers, this report will give you the additional level of insight you need for understanding your soul's code and calling.

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“This report has truly put many events in my life into perspective for me.” 
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Karmic Insight Report for

Wayne Dyer

May 10, 1940
3:13 AM
Detroit, Michigan

     From an esoteric point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered.  From that perspective, the choices one makes in one's daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime.

     This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and encourage you to move in the direction of your true purposes.

Chapter 1: The Moon


     The placement of the Moon in your birth chart is very significant from a karmic perspective, as it indicates the accumulated karmic tendencies, both positive and negative, that you carry from your past incarnated experiences on earth.

     While the Sun reveals your intended purposes and lessons for this present life cycle, the MOON represents what you have already done and developed, hence, what is instinctive and natural to you, and what you tend to do over and over again. Your childhood is also reflected in the Moon's placement, as it is through those childhood circumstances that any unresolved past-life issues are re-stimulated.  Your subconscious predisposition is indicated by the Moon's position.  It is the psychic imprint of the past.  The nodes of the Moon describe behavior patterns from the past, as well as delineating a direction out of outworn or overdone behaviors and habits.

Moon in Gemini:

     You instinctively respond to stress by using your wit and your intellect.  Humor, rationalization, and wielding the power of the written or spoken word are your forte.  Oftentimes, however, your "good idea" or rational solution overlooks the emotional factors in a situation.  And your jokes or refusal to take matters seriously, while defusing the stress somewhat, can easily become a denial and a defense against feeling the less pleasant aspects of life.

     At your most mischievous you use your verbal and intellectual cleverness to play with people's heads.  You also like to play with words or ideas, and entertain various possibilities or options at the same time.  Essentially curious and open to whatever new experience presents itself, you are not eager to be pinned down to anyone.  There is a streak of "Peter-Panism" in you, a distinct disinclination to grow up, to commit yourself to someone or something and stay with it, and a desire to fly away (at least emotionally) when a situation gets too heavy.  There is, as well, a certain casualness or breeziness with which you flirt with life (as, perhaps, other people's feelings).  This does not negate the fact that you may have a deeper side, simply that you have an ingrained tendency to intellectualize or emotionally detach yourself, and to see people (including yourself) as if they were characters in a story, without fully immersing yourself in the emotional experience.

     In your incarnational past you most likely moved around a great deal, and you developed a capacity for adapting yourself to new people and circumstances.  This presents itself in this life as an underlying physical restlessness, a need for variety, and a tendency to get fidgety if you stay put for too long.  You require a great deal of mental stimulation, and may be addicted to television, reading, talking or keeping busy.  While you may very much desire home and roots, you do not find it easy to establish them for yourself.  Subconsciously you expect to be on the move and at a deep level you are more comfortable being mobile than being firmly anchored.  You may also be wary of committing yourself to another person "forever", because in your deep subconscious memory, you have little experience of stability and permanence.

     One gift you bring with you into this lifetime is your ability to make conscious that which is subliminal and emotionally felt, to put words or bring conscious awareness to your own and others inner lives.  This may take the form of writing (lyrics, stories, articles with a personal slant), or perhaps simply talking about your own or another's feelings.

     You have an avid interest in psychology, and could be a perceptive counselor or simply an incurable people-watcher!

Moon Square Neptune:

     Your sense of wonder and your openness to the unseen, subtle, spiritual dimensions of life are two of your gifts.  You are extremely sensitive to the energies and currents of feeling around you and, because you are so impressionable and receptive, you are influenced (even duped) rather easily.  Throughout your life you maintain a certain childlike belief in magic and in wishing, and you tend to escape into the inner world of your imagination (or anesthetize yourself with movies, or soap operas, or food) when the outside world seems either too dull or harsh for you.  It is important for you to learn to deflect negative or turbulent emotional influences in your environment, as you tend to get "sucked in" to others' feeling-world.

     The "wonder-child" aspect of yourself can be invaluable, connecting you with the world of spirit and your true home. Along with this is a strong current of emotional idealism and devotion to the Mother.  This gives you a great capacity for nurturing, empathy, mercy, and compassion, yet there is a downside to this: a tendency to become a martyr.  Beware of sacrificing yourself to take care of other people or to try to rescue or "save" them.

     Excessive dependency, passivity, and wishing to be taken care of are all themes around which some of your greatest challenges revolve.  Either you yourself tend to succumb to such impulses (feeling yourself to be weak, needy, a victim) or you may attract other people into your life who play that role.  For men, this can also lead to yearning for the perfect woman who will love and accept them unconditionally and meet all of their needs - but who inevitably disappoints, as flesh-and-blood women cannot fulfill that illusion for long.  Women, on the other hand, may try to be the perfect woman, all-accepting, all-giving. Either of these can be traps for you.

     You also need to be extremely cautious with intoxicants, mood-altering substances or practices as these can create much confusion and distort your perceptions to the point where you lose touch with your genuine mystical and intuitive abilities.

North Node in Libra:

     In the past you had to rely primarily on yourself, and you are now moving toward cooperating, relating, including others, and interdependence.  Learning how to relate fairly, considerately, and with thought for others is your growth direction.

North Node in 7th house:

     Your past tendency is so natural to you, so much a part of how you are, that you probably do not think twice.  Let others help bring out your new attitude or growth direction; be willing to be a learner.  Selfishness and a deeply rooted "me first" attitude needs to give way to a consciousness of "us" and/or what you can do with or for the other.

Moon Conjunct Mars:

     In prior lifetimes you were often surrounded with contention and controversy and faced with the need to defend your territory or to fight to protect what you cherished.  As a result, you developed a pattern of being on edge, vigilant and quick to respond to any affront (real or imagined) to your security.  You are apt to get angry and to lash out without really knowing why. You have a sensitive trigger.

     A particularly acute and intense sibling rivalry or turbulent home life (in this lifetime and/or earlier ones) may well have contributed to this.  Now, you instinctively and subconsciously view others as potential rivals rather than potential friends.  An underlying urge to be "one up" or beat them out may sabotage even your closest personal relationships.

     Internal anger over events that happened long ago and which may not be consciously remembered needs to be acknowledged and expressed.  However, try not to project your anger onto innocent people or present situations.

     Learning and practicing deep relaxation techniques can also benefit you considerably, and take the sharp edge off your overly active "fight-or-flight" responses.  On the positive side, you have a lot of confidence in your ability to act when you must.

Chapter 2: The Sun


     The Sun in your birth chart represents the primary creative thrust for this lifetime, those qualities you are to develop (or further develop) and express, and your current life focus.  This may be in harmony with your instincts and your emotional habits, or along completely different lines.  The Sun represents your conscious identity in this lifetime.

Sun in Taurus:

     Your soul development in this lifetime involves fully immersing yourself in matter, the physical world, and your senses. The ramifications of this are many.

     First of all, you very much enjoy the fruits of the earth in a simple, uncomplicated way.  You have a deep rapport with nature and its rhythms, and if you cannot live in the country, you need at least to have a view of some natural beauty or to be surrounded with living or growing things.  You have a strong affinity for plants.  Regular contact with the land, forests, mountains, or your garden restores you, and without it you lose your center and your peace.  When you are at your best, you function like a healthy animal, following what your instincts and your senses tell you.  Your well known stubbornness and resistance to change is in part a reflection of your strong need to follow your own instincts and proceed at your own natural pace.  As a wise one once phrased it "A soul must never be pushed or driven, but allowed to unfold naturally, like a flower blossoming bit by bit in the sunshine". This sense of a natural unfolding process underlies your tendency to be both steadily patient and very obstinate when faced with the need to make sudden moves or adapt to changes.  Furthermore, your contribution in life has to do with building (solid foundations, assets, structures) and continuing, sustaining, and preserving what has already been attained (thus, your disinclination to embrace innovation or change).

     Your willfulness, which is quite strong, has the qualities of the earth itself - heavy, immovable, dense, enduring, and constant - and in terms of character or soul development this may work for or against you.  You are not easily impacted or influenced by others, and you tend to ignore subtle hints and clues that you are not on the right track.  Thus, you will persist in an endeavor until you are shown in some very gross, unmistakable way that you cannot or should not.  In this way, you can make some egregious errors, carving deep grooves or patterns which are very hard to change.

     Positively, of course, this same tenacity enables you to accomplish your desires through sheer persistence and stamina. You can be a stabilizing, grounding force for the people around you, which is part of your soul-purpose.

     Your earthiness also indicates that you are attuned to that which is tangible, material, solid, substantial, real and present. You tend to distrust or discount what is intangible or abstract. Unless you see physical evidence, concrete facts, or "proof", you are unlikely to believe something is possible, and you give little credence to some speculative idea which has no concrete application or actual usefulness.  A desire to own land or to have solid financial assets and to insure that your basic material needs are well taken care of, is another aspect of this basic earthiness.  The mundane world - money, work, taking care of and enjoying the physical body - is your arena.

     You are very body oriented, and you respond very much to physical appearances, to physical beauty and to the sensual aspect of things (how it looks, feels, smells, tastes).  The benefit of this is simply that you fully enjoy your sensuality and your creaturehood.  You have a great capacity for contentment, for enjoying things as they are, and for partaking in the pleasures which are all around you and readily available. However, you may spend inordinate amounts of time and energy on your body, dealing with your appetites and desires for material comfort, security, and pleasure.  Enjoying but not being completely dominated by your appetites and desires is the key here.  You also need to beware of being taken in by superficial, outer appearances, and thus missing the deeper aspects of a person or situation.

Sun Conjunct Uranus:

     Your particular contribution to life, as well as the key to your own personal fulfillment, lies in upsetting apple carts, challenging the sacred cows of society, stimulating change, and awakening (or shocking) people by offering them a completely different way of doing, seeing, or experiencing something. Above all, you insist on being your own person and flaunting your right to live your life according to your own rules and rhythms, regardless of how disruptive or out of sync with the people around you, you may be.  You can be intensely self-centered, impersonal, and unpredictable or enchanted with the novel or bizarre for its own sake.

     At your best, originality, high inspiration and a quality of electric aliveness infuse all of your creative efforts.  As a rebel or iconoclast, you are intended to liberate or free up others' thinking and to introduce totally fresh concepts, simply by the way you live and what you as an individual choose to embrace as truth.

Chapter 3: Rising Sign


     The point that was on the eastern horizon at the moment of your birth is called the ASCENDANT, or rising sign.  While the Sun describes your conscious direction and current life focus, and the Moon your subconscious predisposition and past, the Ascendant indicates a way of being that transcends and embraces past, present, and future.  It describes the way you engage and merge with the outer world and how you bring through into life the energies depicted by the Sun, the Moon, and the rest of your birth chart.  Everything is filtered through the Ascendant from an esoteric point of view.  It indicates your soul's function and thus a key part of your destiny.

Pisces Rising:

     Your sensitive feelings, openness, gentleness, and deep empathy are the keys to fulfilling your soul function.  You are to minister to others, whether as a healer or spiritual counselor or simply as a compassionate listener and nonjudgmental friend. Others will seek you out when troubled or in need.  By nature you are unselfish and giving, and must learn your limits and when to say no.

     You have pronounced intuitive or psychic abilities which can be a dependable source of guidance for you if you learn to pay attention and give credence to them.  Your ruling planets are Jupiter, planet of religion and, Neptune, planet of mysticism and imagination.

Pisces Rising and Jupiter in Aries:

     Your Jupiter in the fiery sign of Aries infuses you with vital creative energy and a gift for luck in speculative ventures, initiating new enterprises, and original endeavors of all kinds.  Your leadership capabilities are also well-developed.

Pisces Rising and Neptune in Virgo:

        The art and science of healing is a key part of your soul purpose.  The spiritual dimensions of health, the effects of prayer or imagery upon the body, blending body with soul and spirit, angelic healing, art as medicine - these are each ways you could express your true function.

Chapter 4: Saturn, Your Achilles Heel


     Karmically considered, the placement of Saturn in your birth chart indicates where your energetic blockages, weaknesses and fears lie, and the areas of your life where the most concentrated effort and discipline will be required to master and overcome them.  Yet it also points to the aspects of life which can become your greatest strength if you are willing to face your fears and difficulties honestly, and work with them patiently.

Saturn in Taurus

     Security and material well-being is apt to be inordinately important to you, and many of your struggles in life revolve around this.  Regardless of what you actually possess, it may never seem like "enough" for you to feel secure.  You have an underlying fear of poverty, lack, or that "it could all be taken away from me at any time".  Thus, you may become very territorial, frugal or acquisitive, not out of selfishness so much as out of fear.  You yearn for lasting security, something you can count on at all times, and you will work hard to achieve that in some area of your life.  When allowed to dominate your life choices, however, this deep need for security and a firm foundation in your life can inhibit you from taking any risks.  Since change and unpredictability are in the very nature of life, the kind of insurance you seek really is not available!  When does stability become stifling?  When does a secure fortress become a self-imposed prison?  Even if you are open and reasonable in many respects, there is at least one area of your life in which you are likely to be mindlessly stubborn, inflexible and unable to "flow".

     In this lifetime you are defining your values.  Since there is really nothing in this world that cannot be taken away, lost or destroyed, one of your most crucial lessons may be to "store up your treasure in heaven, where moths do not corrupt...”

     On the other side of the coin you may have a basic mistrust of your body and of physical life in general.  Placing too much or too little value on the body and the material side of life is indicated.

Saturn in 1st house:

     You tend to get tied up in knots when it comes to presenting yourself to the world, and it is frequently difficult for you to express yourself (the person you feel yourself to be inside) without a great deal of editing, censoring, or "polishing the goods".  As a result you may seem rather stiff and self-controlled but even if you do not, even if you seem quite spontaneous and open, you are apt to feel a definite barrier between yourself and the outside world.  In many ways you take yourself too seriously, particularly in your concern about how you come across, what impression you are making and how you impact others.  Your orientation to life in general is apt to be serious, possibly too much so.  You are very aware of your own flaws, and also of your duties and responsibilities.  All of this can add up to a certain heaviness which you project onto life at times.  The above description of your particular areas of difficulty or struggle are very much on the surface for you, others see them because you identify strongly with those very characteristics.

Saturn Conjunct Mercury:

     Your mind is serious, deep, and critical. Basically pragmatic and conservative in your thinking, you require concrete, empiric evidence to justify a belief.

     You can be very one-sided in your thinking, full of doubt, disbelief and skepticism which effectively filters out any information that might enlarge your view of reality. Mental habits that can severely limit you are pessimism, harsh or exacting perfectionism, and a kind of superior judgmental attitude toward those who are less intellectually discriminating than yourself.  On the other hand, you may worry that others are more intelligent than you are.  On a social level, you may find it difficult to make amiable, superficial chit-chat, and may unintentionally keep potential friends, allies, and opportunities at bay. At its worst, severe shyness or a kind of social phobia may develop.  Problems with speech or hearing, and an inner reluctance to communicate or listen are also possible. Consciously using humor, comedy or "laugh therapy" on a regular basis would be very beneficial to you, lightening your mental burdens considerably.  Listening to light, playful flute music, bells or chimes can also be helpful. The development of a basically positive, optimistic philosophy of life would enable you to lessen the effects of a mental patterning that is frequently intolerant, overly cautious, or fearful.

     The wearing of sapphire can help activate the more positive qualities here: mental concentration, depth, focus and clarity.

Chapter 5: The Hard Aspects


     The following is a description of your MAJOR LIFE CHALLENGES, both in terms of energies you are to learn to develop and express in a positive way, and those which are the result of struggles and unresolved karmic issues which you have brought into this life.

Mars Square Neptune:

     Your masculine, yang, assertive energies combine (somewhat tensely and uneasily) with your urge for transcendence, grandeur, and a life beyond the everyday or material.  This could be expressed through you in various ways.  At best you are an inspired creative genius with the drive and need to physically manifest your dreams and visions.  (This may, nevertheless, be hard on those around you or the part of you that wants a normal, orderly existence, as you tend to become fanatical and to ignore the more mundane stuff).

     You may have a great deal of fantasy about and infatuation with masculinity, male power, which can lead to feelings of personal inadequacy, sexual confusion, an overidentification with macho strengths and values, muscles, competition, or simply an unclear relationship with men.  You may idealize the man (father, husband, son) and fail to perceive them accurately.  You tend to go to extremes, either denying all male attributes, functions or values, or secretly worshipping them.

    You may also have great aspirations and far reaching ambitions which may or may not be practically realizable. However, for you, to live is to dream.  Strive for complete honesty, with yourself as well as others, because the downside of this pattern is a tendency to evade or deceive or simply ignore what is.  Also avoid the tendency to use either your physical strength or your sexual power and charisma in an exaggerated way. Misdirection of these energies can weaken your vitality considerably.

     Ultimately you may be led to devote your strength and all your actions to something that transcends personal gratification and personal desire, becoming a channel for a higher power to work through.

Jupiter Square Pluto:

     Part of your life mission involves learning how to generate and direct a great leap of material, political, social or spiritual power.  You have a gift for spiritual or intellectual leadership.  As an agent of transformation in your world, you are intended to help regenerate social or religious institutions and to effect profound change and growth in the people around you. There are karmic pitfalls involved in all of this, however. First, is the tendency to become infatuated with power and/or inflated with a sense of your own greatness.  Secondly, conflicts with those in power may result in loss of social standing or reputation.  Pitting yourself against the big guys and losing is always a risk you will have to take if you are to fulfill your natural role and function.  In past incarnations this did in fact take place, perhaps leaving you now with a fear or disregard of government, the church, or other great authorities. Thus, you may have a struggle accepting your role as a leader or teacher, and/or integrating with society as it currently exists.

Neptune is Retrograde:

     The above is complicated by the fact that you had a prior lifetime or lifetimes in which you dissipated your energy, fell away from your disciplines, or were too passive or irresolute to go after the spiritual opportunities open to you at that time. This carries over as a vague yet persistent inner nagging that you should be further on than you are, or a fear of spiritual failure.  You may also have been involved in mystical or magical practices that created distortions in your life.  It is important for you to take a balanced, patient, well-grounded attitude toward life - nothing too otherworldly, ethereal, or glamorous. Indulging in any mood-altering substances is particularly deleterious for you.

Chapter 6: Soft Aspects


     The following is a description of your GIFTS and STRENGTHS which can help you work with your major life challenges. These are abilities and qualities of heart, mind, and soul which are quite natural to you.  You probably take them for granted. Because these represent the lines of least resistance for you, you may rely too much upon them at times; hence, there are some cautions suggested.  Still, these are the areas where good flows into your life and/or where you have considerable inner resources.

Sun Trine Neptune:

     Your attunement to the spiritual or intangible spheres is both highly developed and something that you tend to take for granted.  Due to previous development in this area, your urge to experience the transcendent is apt to take positive expression, such as an active involvement in meditation or prayer, service of a charitable, unselfish nature, or highly imaginative work, rather than more negative, escapist ways of seeking spiritual union such as addictions of various kinds.

     It is natural and instinctive for you to want to minister to others, to enlighten or to help, and yet you are not prone to do so at the expense of your own well-being. Thus, such endeavors are apt to be rewarding and successful.

     It would also be relatively easy for you to develop and use your psychic and intuitive sensitivity to channel truth or healing to others in the context of spiritual advisor, physician, or healer.

Uranus Trine Neptune:

     You and many others born the year you were have an inherently inspired consciousness and an openness to experimenting with new forms of imagination and understanding. You are drawn to group activities that support personal and planetary awakening.  If you so wish, you can access higher dimensions of being quite readily, as you have "opened your channels" through prior spiritual development.

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