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New Behavior Generator

New Behavior Generator

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Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your New Behavior Generator paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days from Learning Strategies Corporation, the creator of the paraliminals.

Acquire new behaviors or neutralize those you do not want

Behaviors are at the root of everything we do. Use this paraliminal to neutralize behaviors that hinder you and acquire new behaviors you want.

This is the most popular paraliminal, because it has unlimited uses. You are asked questions at the beginning of the session about your goal and behaviors. Answer them to the best of your ability, lie back, relax, and generate behaviors you desire.

The New Behavior Generator is Paul Scheele's favorite paraliminal!

Acquire or alter most any behavior whether for sports, hobbies, school, work, or relating with your family.

Use Session A to neutralize behaviors which may be blocking your success. Use Session B to acquire most any behavior to help you attain a goal.

"This would be the only recording we would ever need to make most any change in our lives," was how we talked about this, the first of the paraliminals, in the early stages of development.

Our clients asked us numerous times to produce an audio recording using our technologies because they weren't getting benefit from the subliminals, hypnosis, and relaxation tapes they had been using.

We decided to give it a shot. We knew we would produce at least one recording, so we set out to create the ultimate recording: a recording to help generate most any behavior.

We heard success stories within days of releasing the New Behavior Generator. The first customer said, "One of my sisters had a way of pushing my buttons so that I would respond in a nasty and negative manner. Friday night I listened to Session A to neutralize my inner feelings to my sisters actions. Saturday morning I listened to Session B to install a behavior so that I would react the same way I would to a good friend."

He said, "That afternoon my sister was up to her old tricks, and guess what? She did not get me! I responded wonderfully well!"

There are countless uses for this paraliminal. A high school student struggled with a D in algebra. He used the paraliminal to pull on the mental processes of a student who did well in algebra. His finished with a B+!

A weightlifter reached a plateau, not being able to lift over a certain weight. He used the paraliminal to model another lifter who easily lifted heavier weights. The next day our customer broke through the barrier.

One guy bought the paraliminal for one use and then put it in his dresser drawer. A few weeks later he was riding the escalator in a department store when another guy flashed a smile to two girls in front of him. They melted. He wished he could smile like that.

That evening while preparing for bed, he noticed the paraliminal and wondered if he could use it for smiling. He tried it, and sure enough, in a couple days he was smiling nonstop.

Within a few days, his smiling "wore off" so he listened again. After several listenings over the course of a few months he found himself smiling all of the time.

Patricia Danielson, co-developer of PhotoReading, used the New Behavior Generator to learn French. Not only did she repeatedly PhotoRead the English/French dictionary, but she modeled the speaking behaviors and patterns of people she knew who spoke French. When enrolled in a French class in Brussells, the instructor said that she advanced faster than any student the instructor had ever encountered.

A golf instructor in New York, Ray Watson, recommends this paraliminal to anyone who wants to shave a couple strokes.

Before we introduced Ideal Weight and Smoke-Free, many people used this paraliminal to lose weight or quit smoking.

A postal employee used this paraliminal to speed her keying ability for typing zip codes on letters that flew in front of her. She desperately needed success so that she would pass a performance test.

A piano student listened to this paraliminal after his piano teacher demonstrated a new piece of music. The next day he practiced, and he said, "It is like I've already practiced the piece. It comes much more quickly for me."

A songwriter used the paraliminal to write a song that sold to a rock ‘n roll group and later recorded.

The uses for the New Behavior Generator are limited only by your imagination. It is truly a revolutionary paraliminal that can perform miracles, if you will, for virtually anyone who believes he has the resources within to live the ideal life.

Paul Scheele drew from 12 years of experience working with people on a one-on-one basis. He knew that often there are behaviors that get in the way of new behaviors or of attaining a goal.

We knew we had to neutralize, or reframe, those behaviors that block success. You will do this on Session A of the paraliminal.

The next step would be to install new behaviors. You accomplish this on Session B by modeling someone else's behavior on a deep subconscious level.

You are asked three questions. What is your goal? You can acquire a behavior without a goal, but it is much easier when you have a stated purpose. Your other-than-conscious mind takes the acquisition process more seriously.

The second question: "What behavior would you like to acquire to help you attain the goal?"

The third questions is, "Who do you know who demonstrates or models this behavior?" By our process, you need to know someone who behaves or acts as you desire. You will take on essential components of this behavior as your own.

When you've answered the questions, music fades in and Paul guides you through a relaxation process to calm your body systems and allow anxieties and tensions flow out. When it comes to fast and effective changes, the more relaxed you are the better.

As you relax, the music fades, and Paul's voice splits into two voices. The voice in the left ear weaves fantasies and stories designed for your creative right brain. The voice in the right ear leads you through neuro-linguistic programming processes designed to stimulate your logical, analytical left brain. This, as with all paraliminal, gets your whole brain involved.

When Paul finishes guiding you through the process, music fades back and Paul guides you back up to full alertness.

You do not have to listen to Session A and then Session B. You may find several behaviors blocking your goal, so you would want to listen to Session A once for each of the behaviors. You will listen to Session B once for each new behavior you identified to help you accomplish the goal.

Once you've listened, put the paraliminal away and get on with your life. Let your other-than-conscious mind integrate the learnings from the New Behavior Generator.

Most people discover indications that the process worked either within 24 hours of listening or within a few weeks. If after a few weeks you have not noticed a positive change in your behavior, then listen to the paraliminal again but answer the questions differently.

Some behavioral changes are complex and some are simple, which is why they may take different lengths of time to show up. When you have a complex change, you can try to get it all done in one listening or in several listenings. To demonstrate, let's review a customer's experience.

A high school student called in dissatisfied with the New Behavior Generator. He wanted to be an All Star baseball player, but as it turns out, he had never started a game in high school! He had bit off too big of a bite.

We suggested that he listen to the paraliminal once for keeping his eye on the ball from when the batter hit it to when it came to his outfield position, once for throwing the ball in, once for keeping the eye on the ball for batting, once for swinging, and once for base running. He called me back three weeks later. He had improved so much that the coach started him!

Go for the big chunk first. If it works, great, you have saved some time. If it doesn't work, break it down into smaller chunks like the baseball player.

Remember, you do not have to get results overnight. Many times they happen right away, but do not rush it. Rushing may cause your other-than-conscious mind to throw up blocks, which will prevent progress toward your goal.

When you set your goal you make sure that it meets the following benchmarks to be more sure of attaining the goal.

Your goal must be believable.

For the baseball player, being an All Star baseball player was not believable. When you make it believable your other-than-conscious mind takes it seriously and does everything that it can to help you attain the goal. Your other-than-conscious mind serves you, so use it to the best of its ability.

Your goal must be measurable and testable.

You absolutely, positively need to know when you have attained your goal. The baseball player adjusted his goal to starting his first game; he knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that the paraliminal helped him.

Do it for yourself -- not for someone else.

Many people set goals because of their spouse or employer. You can still attain those goals, but it is a lot easier when you work for your own goals. Do it for yourself.

What if you don't know someone who models the behavior?

Not knowing someone makes the process of acquiring a new behavior more challenging but not impossible. If you do not know someone who thoroughly models the behavior, then consider someone who models some aspect of the behavior.

Another option is to create an imaginary person in your imagination. You must thoroughly imagine every aspect of the behavior. Get all your senses involved. See it in your mind, hear what is going on, feel it, taste it, smell it. You must become it. And then, it will become you.

If you have done the behavior in the past or under different circumstances, you can use yourself as the model. You can be your own best model.

What if I don't like the person who models the behavior?

You do not have to like or respect anything about your model other than the behavior you desire. Do not worry about acquiring unwanted behaviors, because Paul guides your other-than-conscious mind into discarding unwanted behaviors at the completion of the session.

What if I have the goal but don't really understand the behavior?

The more you know the easier it is to get results with the New Behavior Generator. It is possible, however, to be artfully vague and let your other-than-conscious mind fill in the details. Your success depends on how much you trust yourself and believe in the process.

Will the new behavior last forever?

When you get down to it, what lasts forever?

Your new behavior will stay with you as long as it continues to serve you and as long as external forces (such as other people) do not exert conflicting messages. For some behaviors you may need to listen on a semi-regular basis such as the "smiler" in the above story.

If this paraliminal works so well, why would I want to get other paraliminals?

There are many ways to get to Chicago. You can fly, drive, walk, or hitchhike. There are also many ways to create changes in your life. Some ways are easier than others.

You can use the New Behavior Generator to lose weight or you can use Ideal Weight. They approach the issue from different perspectives, but can generate the same results. Most people find it easier to use Ideal Weight since it is designed specifically to do that job. (Some people have lost weight after listening to the Self-Esteem Supercharger. Others have used Perfect Health, Prosperity, Smoke-Free, Anxiety-Free, and the New History Generator. You have a lot of choices.)

If you can not afford a library of paraliminals, then make sure that the New Behavior Generator is in your collection. It is an investment that will serve your entire life. 

When you use your New Behavior Generator be sure to write us with your results. We love hearing how others use the paraliminal, and we may even pass it along to other users to help them get more benefit from this powerful, easy-to-use, and relaxing paraliminal.

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