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Miracle Mindset

Miracle Mindset

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Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your Miracle Mindset paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days from Learning Strategies Corporation, the creator of the paraliminals.

Develop the miracle mindset to move beyond any challenge and achieve any goal

When your nonconscious mind aligns with your goals, you are unstoppable. It becomes infinitely easier to achieve whatever you want.

Lose weight … get healthy ... succeed financially … improve your relationship … get over hurdles … a miracle mindset gets you there quicker.

As you listen to the Miracle Mindset Paraliminal, you automatically build a mindset to meet every goal and any challenge with confidence, courage, and unyielding strength.

What can I expect from this paraliminal?

  • It helps you develop an indomitable mindset of personal power and expectation so miracles become normal and achieving your dreams becomes the rule.

    Seven attributes comprise a miracle mindset. They were identified by co-author JJ Virgin who wrote the Miracle Mindset book, which is at the foundation of this Paraliminal. Like a muscle that can be strengthened, you develop your capacity for creating miraculous results each time you use this Paraliminal to focus on one of the seven attributes. They are:

    • Being resilient
    • Living in the present
    • Being courageous
    • Taking action
    • Being abundant-minded
    • Collaborating with supportive people
    • Practicing forgiveness

    Strengthen one of the attributes every day and you ready yourself for greater feats of accomplishment and miracles.

    You will receive three variations of this Paraliminal

    When you order the Miracle Mindset Paraliminal, you will receive three variations of the 20-minute program. One features the voices of co-authors Paul Scheele and JJ Virgin. One features only Paul’s voice and one features only JJ’s voice. You might find yourself gravitating to one or another. That’s completely your choice.

    When you order a CD, you receive the version with Paul Scheele and JJ Virgin on the CD. The other two versions will be immediately accessible through the online digital Library.

    Benefits of using the Miracle Mindset Paraliminal

    • Find the strength to move forward when you are challenged.
    • Joyfully experience the learnings and blessings in every circumstance.
    • Embrace the support of people who can help you succeed.
    • Lean into opportunities with courage and confidence.
    • Adopt a growth mindset and inspire others to discover new possibilities.
    • Build the capacity to expand beyond your comfort zone and achieve every goal you set.
    • Allow the life-changing power of forgiveness to transform your life.
    • Become more patient with yourself and the world.

    The seven key attributes that comprise a miracle mindset

    Being resilient – Don’t wish it was easier, make yourself stronger. Like a stressed muscle the body repairs and builds, your resilience grows with each challenge. You perceive obstacles as opportunities and failures as occasions for research and training as you daily pave your way to success. Even in the most trying circumstances you see there is always a way forward to achieve what is most important for you.

    Living in the present  You can’t course-correct standing still. Living in the present moment allows you to be flexible enough to ride the twists and turns of any challenge, crisis, project, or goal. You process what is going on as it happens, gleaning information that helps you make better decisions and change course as needed. Your greater awareness offers opportunities to celebrate every small win along the way to success.

    Being courageous  Your limitations will become your life. Adults are like circus elephants conditioned by a rope at a young age to believe they can never break away: limiting beliefs and fears keep you playing small. But you can break free when you believe fear is positive—it’s a sign that you are stepping outside of your comfort zone and staying open to new possibilities. You regularly feel fear and take on bigger challenges as you surpass limits.

    Taking action  Little hinges swing big doors.Small actions are potent when they head you in the right direction. You set course each day and take actions that get you closer to your goal. As you focus on what is within your control and power, you realize how small efforts lead to a tidal wave of change.

    Being abundant-minded  If you want to take the island, burn all the boats. Committing to your desire 110 percent is the surest way to attain it. Going all in compels you to attain laser focus on your priorities, knowing you are worthy to receive the miracle you envision. You know the universe will provide when you are generous and live with a grateful heart.

    Collaborating with supportive people  A rising tide lifts all boats. Accepting help can make every one shine, including those who collaborate with you. Be comfortable giving and receiving help and at the same time create a strong network of others for collaboration and sharing.

    Practicing forgiveness  Forgiveness will set you free. Choosing to forgive is the most powerful way to end suffering, get unstuck from the “what-if cycle,” and peacefully move forward. You seek to understand others. You look for the gift in the situation and forgive, no matter the circumstances.

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