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Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight

$ 29.95

Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your Ideal Weight paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days.

Listen to Ideal Weight and you will lose weight immediately

This CD works on a simple and unique principle:

All bodies, including yours, give natural signals that say when to start eating, when to stop eating, and which foods to eat. For some reason, people who are overweight are either unable to notice these signals or unable to respond to them.

No more. Thanks to Paul Scheele’s Ideal Weight Paraliminal CD.

After the first eight days, listen to both sessions only once a week until you have reached your ideal weight. Once you are at your ideal weight, you will maintain it naturally as you enjoy a near perfect balance in your diet.

Ideal Weight even helps programs such as Weight Watchers work better! If you are on a special diet or if you are using special pills or supplements, Ideal Weight helps there too.

The best part is that the CD is only $30, has a 30-day money-back guarantee, and you can receive FREE coaching if you need help for any reason-you absolutely owe it to yourself to try Ideal Weight today.

Absolutely say good-bye to the roller coaster of dieting forever. Order here on our secure website. We will ship the CD via first class mail. You will receive it in just a few days. Then, begin listening for 20 minutes a day for eight days-that’s right, just eight days.

You will be able to enjoy great foods without putting on weight. But let’s be realistic. After all, life’s stresses may tempt you to begin overeating in the future. Studies show that some people gain weight because of divorce, job loss, accidents, and other personal tragedies. Never fear: just pull the CD out and listen a few times for reinforcement.

This CD talks to your inner mind. Let your inner, subconscious mind be your ally. Let it work for you to keep your body healthy and at your ideal weight. Maybe you are now overweight, because of what is currently going on in your inner mind. Quit sabotaging yourself. Take care of it once and for all.

Order this remarkable CD right now. You will be glad you did.

Tips to make your weight loss permanent

Tens of thousands of people have lost weight listening to Ideal Weight. Here are the secrets for those who have lost the most:

1) You must consciously and subconsciously decide you want to reach and maintain your ideal weight. For your conscious mind, declare "With each moment that passes, I am reaching and maintaining my ideal weight!" Repeat this personal declaration every day. Listening to Ideal Weight will handle the subconscious desire.

2) While the CD will help you rediscover and follow the internal signals to automatically adjust the amount and types of food you eat, you must do everything you can to support it. In other words, make a concerted effort to change your lifestyle around eating. Do a little more activity in your life such as parking further from the grocery store so you can walk a little more or use the stairs instead of an elevator when you have just one or two flights. Of course, the more you do, the better you will feel.

3) Accept weight loss in small doses. Ideal Weight works best when you lose one percent of your weight each week. Going for more weight loss often is the recipe for weight gain in the future. Go slow and steady and you will be able to maintain the course for your life!

That’s it. The process absolutely works.

(If you want to find out more about the Paraliminal CDs, check out the links at the top of the left column. They are relaxation CDs that contain no questionable subliminal messages. Rather Paul Scheele, who is the voice you will hear, guides your inner mind to respond in different ways. It is best to use stereo headphones with Paraliminal CDs. Since each session of the CD is only 20 minutes, you do not have to make a major time commitment to receive immediate benefit.)

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