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Finding Treasure

Finding Treasure

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Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your Finding Treasure paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days from Learning Strategies Corporation, the creator of the paraliminals.

Expect abundance around every corner

Embrace an unyielding belief that endows your life with riches, serendipities, godsends, boundless blessings, and continuous love. As you listen to the Finding Treasure Paraliminal, you will find yourself automatically drawn to and acting on opportunities that favor your life with prosperity, happiness, and all forms of treasure.

What can I expect from this paraliminal?

  • Increase blessings of abundant well-being, greater connections with others, financial prosperity, and happiness.
  • Use the internal guidance system for the “true north” of your higher life purpose.
  • Realize the presence of life’s treasures wherever you are, in whatever form they might appear for you.
  • Sense and observe with clarity, deciphering clues the universe leaves for you.
  • Take courageous action in the direction of your goals, and follow through with persistence and tenacity.
  • Venture forth each day with a childlike curiosity and freedom to explore.
  • Carry into your daily life the treasure of your true and expansive nature.
  • Stay focused on the task at hand and the steps to take in the moment, maintaining a sense of balance, eagerness, and confident energy to proceed.
  • Feel the loving support of the universe with you always.
  • Access your dreams as a source of information from your highest self

Achieving Goals

Every goal you set is the beginning of a treasure hunt to the destination of successful accomplishment. Unfortunately, many people get sidetracked, struggle to stay motivated, lack focused effort, get bogged down with doubts, and fail to garner the necessary support to stay on track.

This session helps you discover the many treasures that can support you as you work to attain your goals.

Think of your goals as destinations, accomplishments on the greater journey to your life’s fulfillment—the highest purpose for your life. Imagine within you a marvelous collaborative team—a treasure-hunting party—comprised of a group of internal resources (those gifts, talents, and strengths just mentioned). Once these resources chart a map to your destination, your imagination uses them in a loving way to rally the support you need.

This treasure-hunting party helps you to find and decipher clues left for you by the universe and your higher intelligence and motivates you to take courageous action with greater confidence each day.

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