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Financial Security

Financial Security

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Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your Finanical Security paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days from Learning Strategies Corporation, the creator of the paraliminals.

Create financial well-being and strength

What is compromising your financial security? What issues are in front of you right now or might be in the future?

This Paraliminal helps you win the money game by addressing those issues head on.

Do any of these play in your life?

  • Credit card debt is mounting
  • Don't save enough money
  • Want the down-payment to buy a house
  • Need to replace a car, the roof on your house, or ___________
  • Want to retire at 65

The Financial Security Paraliminal helps you visualize your ideal future and hold it firmly in your mind so that your nonconscious promptly responds.It frees inner emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resources to make your visualization come to life.

What good is a visualization if it does not show up in your everyday life?

The processes on Financial Security bring you the ideas, resources, people, and opportunities that assure your prosperous health and well-being.

You will:

  • Free yourself from worries and undue concerns about money.
  • Tap your inner wisdom to create new and effective ways to earn, spend, and save money.
  • Establish habits that enable a positive cash flow and free you of debt.
  • Use your gifts and talents to earn money in the perfect and meaningful way for you.
  • Recognize and affirm the value of your service and contributions.
  • Spend in ways that support your daily needs and help you save more of what you earn.
  • Choose financial priorities that reinforce the values truly important to you.
  • Allocate what you earn to meet current obligations and have enough for the "extras" you enjoy.
  • Effectively follow through at the right moments with the right actions to achieve every financial goal you set.
  • Live life on your terms as you move steadily toward the ideal future for you.

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