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10-Minute Supercharger

10-Minute Supercharger

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Available in digital mp3 format. Access to your 10-Minute Supercharger paraliminal mp3 will be emailed to you in 2-3 business days from Learning Strategies Corporation, the creator of the paraliminals.

Energize and become mentally alert in just 10 minutes

Get full energy and productivity all day long...and into your evening. You may never suffer from low energy again. Listen to this paraliminal before a presentation or an important meeting, after tennis or golf, after a flight, at a highway rest stop, or whenever you feel yourself dragging.

Reach for this paraliminal instead of coffee or a cola. After two or three weeks you will train your mind to use energy differently so that you may not even have to use this paraliminal again!

A must for anyone on the go!

I said "Good bye" to caffeine

by Pete Bissonette
Learning Strategies Corporation

I used to be a Cherry Coke or a Diet Pepsi fanatic. Every afternoon I needed my boost. I tolerated the syrupy taste and the nervous energy just so that I wouldn't fall asleep around three or four in the afternoon. The cold liquid wreaked havoc on my vocal cords and I found it challenging to talk on the telephone for about 20 minutes or so, but I needed the boost.
Then we introduced the 10-Minute Supercharger. I don't want to hurt Coke or Pepsi since both have PhotoReaders in their ranks, but I was never so happy to give up that stuff. As a matter of fact, I don't think I've had more than three cans of the stuff since 1988!
Now when I feel I need a boost, I pull out the CD, lean back in my chair or stretch out on the floor, and take a 10 minute excursion into a rejuvenating Never Never Land.
If I am not back up to full energy when I finish listening to the CD, I am within 10 to 20 minutes. Initially, I listened to the recording daily, though I now listen only a few times a year. AND I SELDOM AM TIRED DURING THE DAY AT THE OFFICE!
The 10-Minute Supercharger has helped me manage my energy better so that I can function at peak efficiency throughout the day.
The CD has also helped me unwind at the end of a work day so that stress does not flow into the evening. I have listened to it before going to bed to easily fall asleep -- it calms my mind and balances my body. You may have heard that when you fall asleep tired, you wake up tired, and when you fall asleep relaxed, you wake up relaxed.
Many sports enthusiasts listen to the CD after tennis or a workout.
Students love the 10-Minute Supercharger because it helps sharpen their mind while making them mentally alert.
I find it odd, but some people do not benefit from this CD. In talking with them, I learn they do not let themselves drift and relax, especially when they are in the office. Let go folks!
Would you like to know how well the CD works for you? Before bed, review your day. Notice how your day went before listening to the CD and how well it went after listening. You will no doubt notice that you got more done without feeling rushed, that you acted with energy, and that overall things went better.
It is truly a lifesaver when you need it.

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