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Radically Exceptional Times of Casting

I originally came to Planetary Mojo looking for a particular astrological talisman as I'm sure many people do. I read through the options and saw a number of talismans that I liked but I was already familiar with a different type of astrological talisman than the ones listed at planetary mojo.

These talismans had factors I didn't understand and didn't fit into what I thought of when I thought of what an astrological talisman was, or at least what I was expecting or used to.

On top of that there was the price, which was a bit higher on most of them than I had expected when I went searching for a talisman.

So, after perusing through the talisman listings initially, I put everything on the back burner of my mind and kind of forgot about it for awhile and life went on, as the saying goes.

However, time and again I found myself pulled back to the Planetary Mojo site and going through the talismans more frequently and in greater detail, reading and re-reading the descriptions, each time gaining a little more insight…

Over time it became apparent to me that the reason these talismans weren't like what I was used to and that the selection was far more limited than I had originally thought prudent, was because these weren't just talismans that were picked at good times, or even great times, these were chosen at radically exceptional times of casting.

Timing so rare and hard to spot or seldom occurring that they might have been missed by the majority of astrologers looking to cast talismans, unless they were going through everything in meticulously painstaking and most likely mind numbingly frustrating detail!

Well, I know this is already mentioned at the bottom of every talismanic description, however, it took some time to truly sink in to the extent that I finally understood on a gut level just how exceptional the elections were.

Once this finally dawned on me, I found myself more interested in them every day following this revelation until I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a talisman consultation from Mr Stickevers.

The fact that the price of the consultation was deductable from the purchase of the talisman was a very nice bonus and an important selling point for me, since I don't have very deep pockets. (In fact quite the opposite, I have very shallow pockets to put it as succinctly as I can without embarrassing myself too much.)

I only was able to consider getting a talisman in the first place after I had saved up for the better part of half a year!

Anyways, after a little bit of juggling with my own work schedule, eventually I finally found an available time slot that worked for me to schedule the consultation with William.

I admit, I was a bit nervous about the consultation. I expected it to be somewhat dry, and I also thought that William might be a bit of a strict and very staunch “down to business and no digressions” sort of guy.

Basically, I was afraid that it would be something I would have to sit through and be on my best behavior for while someone with a very busy schedule “fit me in” and drilled me for 30 minutes or so with dry details and an impatient “suffer no fools” attitude.

No disrespect intended of course, it's just that was the impression that I had, and being as how I live and work on a fruit farm out in the middle of nowhere, I assumed that we would have trouble relating to each other and the whole thing would just generally be awkward and uncomfortable.

Thank God I was so far off base, I wasn't even in the ball park!

First of all, I figured that I had to be right there at 7:30 exactly, and actually the meeting started a bit early, in fact he called me to let me know he was ready!

I was already surprised because I am a person who is late for everything and everyone! I have very little doubt that when the times comes, I'll genuinely be late for my own funeral!
So I was quite worried about missing my appointment due to whatever unforseen circumstances might decide to crop up for this particular occasion and then suddenly here he was calling me a few minutes early to let me know that he was already waiting for me?! I was caught off guard and definitely pretty unprepared, already in a semi flustered state.

However, once I sat down at my computer and started the meeting, even though we cut right to the chase, there was not an ounce of awkwardness nor harshness about it!
I was very pleasantly surprised and relieved to find that in fact William was immediately very warm and approachable! Entirely different from what I had expected!

The whole consultation was indeed very precise and detailed and professional, but it was also very easy, and smooth flowing.

William was quite relatable, down to earth, very patient, and understanding in explaining things, even when I interrupted him from time to time, to ask this or that question, he didn't seem to mind.

Every now and then I veered of topic, and each time he handled it with good natured patience and gently brought us back to the relevant topics while at the same time answering my questions and incorporating them as relevant factors in the consultation!

He was very accurate about my life path and surrounding circumstances both past and present, even with details that I had forgotten about or dismissed a long while back.
Many issues and questions were brought to light, things that I hadn't considered or included in my original topics of discussion.

I know I already mentioned that he was accurate, but the level of accuracy and detail was astounding! This was at a level that I had certainly not expected, and exceeded any hopes that I had previous to the consultation.

In fact, the consultation was so accurate, enlightening, and all around enjoyable, that I pretty much forgot that I was there for the purpose of a talisman consultation!
I mean I actually forgot that's what I why I was there talking to him!

Here, I spent months, almost half a year building up to my decision to buy a talisman, and purchasing a consultation for that sole purpose, and now it was all forgotten, I was so caught up in the information that William was bringing up in discussion with me!

I had not for one moment seen this coming at all!

I also had assumed that I was really only interested in the talismans he offered and was not the type of guy to invest in any further astrological advice.

I had already had my fill of such services in the past and figured I knew what I needed to know pretty thoroughly and that was that. Up until then I had been pretty firmly set in my “let's move on” kind of attitude concerning such services.

However, here I was wondering what I should save up for next in the way of another consultation! Just one and I was hooked! The darn thing was addictively interesting!

When you add on to that how good natured, friendly, and easy this guy was to talk to, I was truly caught entirely off guard! I don't think that mere words can adequately drive home the idea of just how surprised I genuinely was! I mean it bears repeating just for the sake of emphasis!

On top of that when I asked him about more expensive talismans, than the one I had originally felt the most drawn to he stated that wasn't interested in selling me those as they weren't right for me.

He was very adamant about which ones really fit for my circumstances and life path at the time and didn't waver at any time on that.

Nevermind if it meant that he would be losing money by not indulging my interest in him selling me something that was more expensive.

Nope, he showed me what talismans fit best for me, explained why that was in detail, what I could expect from using each particular talisman, and gave me his advice on the one that was essentially the equivalent of “tailor-made” for my chart and circumstances.

I could keep going into detail here, but it would be more of the same.

The whole consultation and the experience in general was as life changing as anything of that nature can be in the time available. (which I should mention was longer than I expected by far because it took longer to cover what needed to be covered, William didn't cut me off early, he was very patient with me throughout the entire consultation.)

I approached the consultation with a boatload of unfounded expectations and prejudices, and had every single one of them shattered in just about the first 5-10 minutes.
It was an amazing experience, and that was just for a “simple talisman consultation”!

Anyways, I didn't really have time to write a review for this, I am a VERY BUSY guy, (you wouldn't believe how hard it was to find time to sit down and finish writing this review) but I really felt I would be remiss if I didn't attempt to put my experience into words for those who may come after me or be on the fence about purchasing a talisman because they fear the consultation or think it will be unpleasant or a chore.

For me it turned out so entirely different than what I had expected, that in good conscience I couldn't remain silent when I had the opportunity to possibly help someone else who might be under a similar impression as I was.

So, there you have it, and just in case anyone is wondering, I am not being reimbursed in any way for writing this other than just knowing that I'm hopefully helping someone else further down the road.

This is just one mans experience and one mans opinion, but I truly felt it was worth sharing.

Best of Wishes to who ever reads this, thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time and hopefully this helps you in whatever way will be of greatest benefit.


-J. Rombough
May 2017