Powerful Transformation and Self-Actualization
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About Astrological Talismans

Casting and creation of talisman’s were accompanied by renaissance music, planetary invocations, and suffumigations, based on the definitive authoritative grimoire of medieval astrological magic, Picatrix.

Here is a video about the Picatrix, narrated by Renaissance Astrology's Christopher Warnock:

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Talisman Elections

My astrological talismans are created at the most auspicious times as determined by sophisticated election criteria.  Very few astrologers in the world are creating talismans at the powerful elections I find.  Many of my talismans are created according to the Picatrix grimoire.

Talisman Diagnosis Required

Because talismans are such powerful transformational tools, in my business, I require a conversation with a client before purchasing a talisman, mainly so that you are receiving the best talismans for your specific chart.  Read about Talisman Diagnosis Consultations here.

For example:
Some clients come to me wanting to purchase a Jupiter talisman for money and elevation, but really what they need is a Sun talisman first to strengthen their personal resolve and effectiveness in the world, since they have not been able to handle opportunity shown to them as they do not have the inner foundation to cultivate new opportunities successfully.  Once the ability to handle opportunity is properly in place, the effects of a Jupiter talisman will be far greater than if the Sun talisman had not been done first. 

All Talismans include:

  • Talisman Diagnosis
  • Metal Talisman (Sterling Silver unless otherwise noted)
  • 8x8" Sigilized Paper Talisman
  • 45-minute Vision Coaching Consultation
  • 7-day Ritual Kit