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Business Forecast Report and Reading

Business Forecast Report and Reading

$ 150.00

This report/service includes a mini-reading to give you clarity on what is coming up in the next 12 months.*

For those engaged in running a business or making business decisions, the report interprets transiting-to-natal aspects that strongly affect one's business pursuits and the mini-reading provides clarity on these transits, what to focus on, and upcoming challenges or opportunity in your business.

*Note: The mini-reading does not include strategy. If you are looking for strategy, email me to learn how my Business Consultations can help your business. 


  • 12-month Business Forecast Report (about 20 pages)
  • 30-minute Reading via GoToMeeting



Business Forecast for

Mark Zuckerberg

May 14, 1984
2:39 PM
Dobbs Ferry, New York




November 1, 2015 - February 1, 2016


Nov 18, 2015          (Nov 11, 2015 to Nov 26, 2015)                            h c D



This is a time when the opening of a business can appear to be very good. However, there is a possibility of many oversights in planning things out that it would be recommended, if possible, to delay the beginning of this activity for a few days or weeks. Basically, the problem could be a wrong calculation of the so called "social factor". This means assuming that the public will react a given way and with certain interest toward the approach or product that the business is going to supply. But there are evaluation mistakes that easily could be detected, if a good study of the market was made, although studies of this kind are not exactly inexpensive. Since it is not always possible to take surveys and statistics, it would be advantageous to speak with people, test the product, learn to listen and take advice from people that give their opinions or help to promote the business, etc. You should also observe the greater or smaller saturation of the market that surrounds you and the product or service that is provided, for then you have a more realistic idea of the time that it would take to become a part of that market.

In reality, the greater problem is the expectations the owners or managers of the business have created in designating their strategic plan which is excessively optimistic, far-reaching and expansive. This does not mean that the business can't operate, but that it is making plans for things to produce that are supposed to be marketed in the future. It is as if building a castle out of cards. One must investigate and reflect to determine which elements were miscalculated, since one after the other of those calculations probably were inflated. A mistake in margin on paper can be relatively important.

However, if the plans were modified, departing from assumptions toward somewhat more "pessimistic", strict or conservative views, it is very probable that the activity of this business will progressively increase. In case the establishment was opened at this time, it is more than probable that you could be modifying deficiencies that have been latent or manifest from its beginning. Briefly, it is essential to curb your expenses and to outline your plans for work that has to be done, and not what is estimated or supposed to be done. Furthermore, it would be wise to evaluate the social factor that can determine in a flash what product or service is more or less in demand: economic crisis, introducing a similar product to the market, price battle among competitors, modes that guide the behavior of the consumer, etc.

Another caution or key issue for a business that may have been opened during the dates listed and already is operating, is to control its indebtedness to the banks, since this at a given moment can turn into a mountain of loans on top of loans, and through re-negotiations will be "paying" the previous ones. It is recommended to plan on stopping this kind of banking and to become mentally strengthened by finding other sources of financing that will not be external. It would be good to reflect on the potentials and strong points of the business, as well as on the possibility of expanding the kind of products or services that are sold in order to increase the income. It is always better to make an aggressive plan or strategy based on one's own resources and not on other's resources. That is to say, it is better to use your head seeking ways of stretching your own money, before you can momentarily relax in an armchair, satisfied to have obtained a new loan from the bank.

It is also important to be concerned about the image of the business, but not to perceive the image simply as a facade of it, but with everything that lured the clients inside. This is accomplished by clients follow-up, giving good technical service or guarantees of some type, maintaining a more frequent communication with them, and putting all of your attention toward establishing a realistic, exemplar and serious relationship with them. The basis of this business is maintaining and increasing its prestige, which cannot be procured in any other way than through support and care of the quality. However, if you intend to earn a few dollars more by reducing the service to clients, it will provoke a loss of part of your clientele in a very short time, which certainly will be a burden for the business.

It is necessary, above all, to invest in what is called human capital or human resources. That is to say, to make sure that the staff of the company has an agreeable work environment, and to motivate the development and growth of everyone in the company. For example, it is important to spend what is necessary and a little more on the training of the personal, organizing workshops, activities, meetings or seminars focused on the improvement of dealing with clients and on better knowledge of the product or service that is being sold.

It is also advisable not to create unreal expectations in the client, but to clearly show the advantages and limitations of the product. Although the advantages should be brought out more, the client must understand the reality of each product or service. Remember that the difference between a buyer and a client solely rests on the first acquisition of goods or services. If the buyer is satisfied with his purchase, and some time later returns to buy the product or service from the same company, he becomes a client. You can't expect to make money with a single sale from a buyer from time to time, but must regard that sale as the beginning of a lasting relationship that can provide a satisfactory business.

Another tendency of this business is to be over committed and then overwhelmed by squeezing too much in the agenda. Because of this, it is necessary that the commitments with clients, suppliers and the personnel will be carried out in an orderly and conscientious way, at all times knowing what was said or promised. One must avoid being too enthusiastic in scheduling tasks, signing papers, making appointments or promises for requested deliveries on the same day.


Dec 11, 2015     9 PM (Dec 10, 2015 to Dec 12, 2015)                            a x D



A business or investment started during these dates has certain elements against it that have to be considered and analyzed. This does not mean that it will be impossible to surpass these difficulties, since we are speaking of an "intensity" of force that is not excessively detrimental.

To begin with, one must understand that the biggest flaw in the approach to the business is a superiority complex. Because of the high expectations of the owners or founders, the professional or commercial activity probably is born with some pretensions and great exaggeration. However, its position in society will be weak and this will cost this establishment or professional activity its renown, prestige or consideration with the public. As the saying goes: "all that glitters is not gold". This means that the business in question can have too great of a facade and appearance, but for the most part, mistakes are made.

The first mistake can be over confidence. In other words, those responsible for the business have based their plan of operation and investments on goals that are too optimistic. Since insufficient provisions were made and too many things were assumed, problems will start to develop later.

Second, in dealing with clients, you may be too arrogant and inconsiderate of them. This will cause them to shy away at the time of making a decision to purchase. The same applies when your company fails to explain possible errors or to recognize the rights of the customer, even when it is the mistake of a company you deal with.

The third area of conflict is over selling, telling your present or potential clients they are getting more than they are really getting. There is a tendency to exaggerate the advantages and at the same time minimize possible or potential disadvantages of things being sold, which hurts the selling relationship and the client may not be completely satisfied. As a result, some clients buy once, but will not feel like returning. That is to say, the client will be an unsatisfied buyer that will have a negative perception of the company. This will cause prejudice in the loyalty of the clientele toward the business and toward the products, services or brands that it promotes.

The fourth possible mistake, one that can become vital, is what could be called a miscalculation of the "social factor". That is to say, it could occur that your trade or professional enterprise is not in tune with your location or the fad of the moment. It could turn out to be a business of egocentric character; that is to say, the activity has been designed, an investment plan has been achieved, and things have been made to function for the pleasure and personal satisfaction of the owners. There may be a misconception that what you like, others will like. However, this is not so and shows a real lack of research in the preferences of the potential or current market toward which you want to direct your business. Or you may want to encompass the whole market, that is to say, serve different types of people or classes of clients, which certainly is difficult. To secure the quality and appearance you seek, it would be preferable to establish a marketing approach where the policy of the business is directed to a specific sector of the population. But if you plan on covering all of the market, the personality or definition of your business probably will be so ambiguous, mixed or undefined with the marketing of your product or service that few persons will identify with it.

The perfect solution to this situation can be described with one word: creativity. Creativity can cause a business that did not bear the fruits expected to surpass the difficulties through new ideas, contributions and appropriate rectifications. Creativity, enthusiasm and originality of the proprietors or owners of the business can turn the situation from gray to more luminous. However, these decisions or rectifications should not be made too quickly, since the typical mistake of some businesses is trying one approach after another before realizing that the previous one has not worked out. This, as seen by the public, supposes an image of insecurity and of the fact that the company or its owners do not know what they want. Because of this, the decisions of change should be made very deliberate and with an adequate developing process. That is to say, seeing all the particulars of the case, submitting the ideas or the plans to test before executing them, and not to fall into new egocentric attitudes. To surpass the last mentioned, it is necessary to listen to the clients and to observe their comments as valuable and interesting keys, and to improve the perspective or the approach of the business accordingly. To know how to listen can be an essential key to rectifying and improving the situation.


Dec 15, 2015    11 PM (Dec 14, 2015 to Dec 17, 2015)                            g b D



A business opened during these dates is labeled with great dynamism and capacity to struggle. Neither the owners, nor the agents, or the personnel are intimidated by unfavorable circumstances. Because of the existing assertiveness and ability to respond, difficulties are surpassed quickly and generally lead to success. These spontaneous decisions have nothing to do with lack of discipline or doing things haphazardly. To the contrary, this business is characterized by following a very clear and defined path with very specific objectives outlined beforehand. There is the ability to make decisions on the spur of the moment, but without losing sight of the reference or goal that is very clear in the forefront.

It is well known that competition is tough and that the price is dictated by the demand of the public or society. To penetrate the complex interest, trends and preferences of the public, it is essential to develop a personal stamp and a very defined line in the industrial or commercial activities or services that are being offered. This is called efficiency, going directly to the point, or simply giving practical solutions to the problems and needs of the clients. A business opened or started during these dates is going to have all of these qualities. Passiveness or a tendency to conform will never exist, and indecision has no meaning in this business.

The force of this business lies in its capacity to struggle, which never should be understood as aggressiveness, but more as competitiveness. Wanting to be a leader by your own merits and standing out from others is no sin. To the contrary, the one who takes the initiative is the one who gains. In that way the clients observe that the personnel and managers of the business are trying their best to satisfy their needs, always procuring that it will be in the most rapid and direct way possible. Many clients probably patronize this establishment because at others they find too many arrears, certain incompetence or lack of definition. On the other hand, in your company they find quick solutions and immediate service. Everyone gains when the relationship with clients is direct, exonerating, energetic, professional and very clear with respect to commitments. In this connection, it is very important that the client always understands the terms of the negotiation, that is to say, what to expect of the product or service as well as the company, including the quality, price, guarantee on parts or maintenance requirements, etc. If from the beginning the seller clearly outlines the characteristics, conditions, advantages and disadvantages of the product to the clients, mutual confidence is earned.

Simultaneously, the client always appreciates knowing that the person who is going to provide a product or service is honest, trustworthy and enthusiastic about the excellence and quality of things he/she is trying to market. Obviously, if the client observes a degree of insecurity in the seller, it is very probable that he will turn around and is gone. However, if the seller of the product in question is transmitting confidence, security and enthusiasm, there is a much better chance that a spark will emerge that will motivate the buyer to decide on the acquisition of the goods or service. The clients also appreciate fast service on items requested that are momentarily out of stock. Though it may seem strange, many times the seller may unconsciously generate problems or obstacles for himself or his client. This, however, will absolutely not occur in this business, since the owners as well as managers and the personnel have a very clear idea of what they want and how to communicate, therefore there is no dubiousness or greater complications. Your philosophy is to make everything easy so that the buyer can easily make up his mind.

Finally, one must mention as key factor of this business its ease at the time of assuming risks. That is to say, the mechanism of the entire business as formed by the owners, managers and personnel will not resent it when it becomes necessary to accelerate the pace of activity, even when attempting to initiate an expansion that involves a certain risk. To the contrary, the new goals, and putting them ahead of other objectives, turn out to be a stimulus for the group of people that participate in the project. Therefore, motivation is fundamental here. In other words, everyone on the payroll should be advanced in direct relationship to their contributions, for their effort in favor of the business and their ability to resolve the daily problems.

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