Powerful Transformation and Self-Actualization
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"Unleash the Archetypal Power Within" 6-Talisman Package for Career and Business Success

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Six Astrological Talismans to Prepare for the Radically Transformative Times Ahead

Personal Focus - Fortify Your Business - Align with the Archetypal Ambient

We are on the edge of a major economic downturn which, thanks to the mainstream media’s primary focus on the coronavirus pandemic and the U.S. General Election, is 'unexpected'.

More than 55 million Americans have now filed initial claims for unemployment benefits over the past 20 weeks. Every day more businesses are shutting down, more workers are being laid off, and more dreams are being shattered.

Instead of witnessing a “recovery” we are witnessing an economic unraveling.

Be Proactive and Take Action

I have always been interested in the most effective approaches to self-discovery, individuation, and self-transformation, which is why I have created and consecrated 120 astrological talismans since 2002 for clients around the world, based on Picatrix and the work of Agrippa, as they are powerful metaphysical tools for personal growth, chart integration, and self-actualization. (Read talisman client testimonials.)

Astrological talismans that are created under the correct astrological influences are also powerful tools for business and career, which is why I decided to offer this 6-Talisman Package for Career and Business Success. Astrological talismans with powerful, sophisticated elections will help provide you the strategies, psychology, and means to transform and re-energize your business at multiple levels to ensure success.

Instead of sticking your head in the sand and hanging on to the delusion that everything is going to be just fine with your business or career, you can be proactive and take action to get your business or career prepared for the uncertain economic times that are ahead through a set of astrological talismans in a program over the next several months that will provide you massive leverage to not only survive but thrive during these challenging economic times.

Transform and Re-energize Your Business and Personal Psychology

Astrological talismans with powerful, sophisticated elections will help provide you the strategies, psychology, and means to transform and re-energize your business at multiple levels to ensure success.

If you’re just starting out in your own business or you’re looking to refocus and realign your psychology to give you necessary competitive edge, these planetary talismans – through the law of attracting – align your energy and focus to procure the tools, the principles, the systems, insights, the business acumen and profound knowledge to compete and innovate in ANY economy.

Working with each planetary talisman for 30 days each over 6 months will radically shorten your learning curve, and enable you to break through and move forward to the next level of business and personal success with confidence, clarity, and power.

These talismans are ideal if you are:

  • Thinking about starting a business
  • Ready transition your “brick & mortar” business to an online business model
  • Creating or updating your business plan
  • Ready to get on the road to success and business mastery

- Electing and Consecrating Astrological Talismans since 2002 -
based on the Picatrix and work of Agrippa

"These talismans weren't like what I was used to...
these weren't just talismans that were picked at
good times, or even great times, these were
chosen at radically exceptional times of casting.”

-J. Rombough, Oregon May 2017

    $995 Global Transformation Package 
    ($3,339 VALUE)

    Registration CLOSES September 7, 2020 or when sold out.

    - Only 10 Talisman Packages Available -


      Sun in Leo, Mercury in Virgo, Third Lunar Mansion, Venus Spica in Libra, Mars in Aries, Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius
      Incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle
      Part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your talisman vision during a private 20-minute consultation
      Masterfully selected astrological elections for the most auspicious time to begin working with your talisman for the greatest probability of success
      Powerful and empowering meditative recordings infused with Neuro-Linguistic Programming, preconscious processing, and Holosync technology, designed to help your nonconscious mind learn new ways of responding to what is going on in your world. Sent to you from Learning Strategies Corporation.
      For how to work with the talismans, to discuss the changes since working with the talismans, and how to make the most of this talisman work, one hour with all program participants

    SHIPPING: The Talismans will be shipped in pairs for more economical shipping cost for you:

    • Sun in Leo / Mercury in Virgo: ships in September
    • Third Lunar Mansion / Venus Spica: ships in November
    • Mars in Aries / Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius: ships in December

    Sun Leo Talisman 

    • Provide you the ability to find a way to create and add intangible value to your business that goes way beyond what anybody can measure.
    • Provide you a renewed sense of confidence in facing the world.
    • The ability to take effective action toward achievement.
    • Be able to plan your future in accordance with your vision and business plan.

    Mercury in Virgo Talisman

    • Provide the ability to anticipate the business road ahead and provide you with the means to improve value added marketing and core story.
    • Enhance any work in your business that requires extreme precision of thought and planning.
    • Get a clearer sense of what is going on in your business and industry. 

      3rd Lunar Mansion

      • Enhance your day-to-day mindset for business, improve customer service exceeding customer expectations.
      • Enhance drawing ideal customers and long-term clients that can provide you recurring business and sufficient cash flow especially during lean economic times.
      • Enhance your business acuity in tracking your progress and changing your approach until you reach your outcome.

        Venus Spica in Libra Talisman

        • Enhance your business brand and ability to convert loyal customers into raving fans.
        • Improve the business optics and brand status within your industry and customer base.
        • Improve your diplomacy skills in business negotiation and mediation.

          Mars in Aries

          • Augment your ability for business execution and optimize and maximize business processes to gain a competitive advantage.
          • Undertake business initiatives and every task with a great deal of intensity and focus.
          • Gives you the courage to take initiative and massive action to finish tasks swiftly.

          Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius

          • Enhance strategic innovation in business to encourage advancements in technology or services to gain a long-term competitive advantage.
          • Cultivate the persistence and determination that you are able achieve your objectives in a hostile economy.
          • Make careful and well-thought-out changes in the direction of one’s business.
          • Develop and mature your understanding of the business reality of the post-COVID world in the way you deal with the world.




            In addition to the extremely sophisticated astrologically elected time for the creation of the Planetary Mojo Talisman, part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your vision that will be attached to your talisman through ritual. During the 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, master astrologer William Stickevers will work with you to craft your vision statement in accordance to your desired outcomes and the planetary transits in your natal horoscope.

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