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Neptune Cazimi Metal Talisman

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Increased intuition, spiritual advancement, connection and awareness of the invisible, closer union with the divine


Includes: 100% Sterling Silver Talisman (2.9mm diameter), 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, 7-day Ritual Kit (incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle)

What effects does a Neptune Cazimi Talisman bring?

Neptune represents the realm of the intangible, the spiritual, the transcendent, and the collective unconscious. Divine association with the sign of Pisces is Poseidon and Christ. The story of the birth of Christ is said to be a result of the spring equinox entering into the Pisces, as the "Savior of the World" appeared as the Fisher of Men. Archetypally Pisces signifies the dual nature of man in both the physical world and the unseen realm and said to be a representation of the difficulty in extracting the true, good, and the beautiful, from that which appears corrupt and immoral. Therefore the Sun-Neptune conjunction enable one to advance spiritually through a heightened awareness of the invisible and intangible realms to allow union with the divine.

The Sun-Moon-Neptune alignment can summon an enormous revolution in consciousness as one is exposed to aspects of life that never dreamed possible. Revelations may come with such force that you will become involved in a new philosophy or movements whose purpose is to transform the world according to your new understanding. These philosophies might include any of the following : the occult or metaphysics; astrology; magic; altered states of consciousness, perhaps through a form of transcendental meditation. Thus a talisman created during this alignment can rejuvenate the spirit and inspire to tremendous psychological insight, change, creativity, and imagination.

On a personal level this talisman help you make some changes allowing yourself to be open to different ways to be looking at the world. If you have been repressed by lifestyle that no longer serves your higher-purpose, this talisman will give you the audacity to individuate awakening your interest in the deeper dimensions then you previously known.

This talisman will expand your consciousness greatly. If you are among those who are less interested in purely material concerns, you will find your interest becoming even more spiritual since this transit can awaken an interest in the occult and or mysticism. This talisman will help you open up a to new aspect of the universe. Also, this talisman will motivate you to become involved in movements of social reform since you begin that the world does not work as it should and you are motivated to improve the lot of people who are less fortunate.

Also, with this talisman you will feel a stronger attracted to the new, novel, and unusual like never before and will have increased empathy from the people in your everyday life and increase your desire to meet new people and visit places that you have never been to before. Again, with this talisman your intuition, imagination, and inspiration will increase. Your idealism will be balanced and over time you will feel in harmony with yourself learning to trust your perceptions and your intuition. As we can see this Sun-Moon-Neptune talisman provides spiritual vision and the urge make changes in accordance to a larger purpose.


  • Alter your attitude to the material world tremendously.
  • Become much more interested in the occult, divination, psychic studies, magic, and spiritualism.
  • Your sense of color and sound will be heightened, and your sense of form and design will be improved. 
  • Make your interest and expression of spirituality become more untraditional and personal. 
  • Will stimulate your interest in the mystical and non-material aspects of being. 
  • Will stimulate your compassion for others becoming more concerned about helping people in your immediate environment. 
  • You will become less concerned about gratifying your ego with worldly success shifting your focus on doing more meaningful work that will others will benefit from. 
  • Your creative imagination will be greatly stimulated.
  • Artistic creativity especially in music, art, and poetry will be greatly enhanced. 
  • Will greatly increase your sensitivity being able to perceive very subtle ideas and thoughts at the “gut” level. 
  • Will enhance your charitable considerations by working with financially or otherwise disadvantaged people. 
  • Will become increasingly able to understand how you as an individual fits into the entire universe while your idea of who you are and what your individuality consist of greatly expands.
  • Minimizes your false ego drives so that you can work for other without feeling resentful. 
  • Enables you to perceive other people’s needs and help them fulfill them.
  • Stimulate your interest in psychic and mystical phenomena, that will likely lead to some sort of psychic experience. 
  • Enhance and strengthen your imagination that allows you to individuate according to you souls code of calling to realize your dreams and personal destiny.

About the Neptune Talisman Image – from Picatrix

Neptune was named after the Roman sea god that is linked with the Greek god Poseidon. Poseidon does not present the type of majestic calm which characterizes his brother Zeus [Jupiter], but as the state of the sea is varying, so also is this god represented sometimes in violent agitation, and sometimes in a state of tranquility. Poseidon’s weapon was a trident, with which he could make the earth shake, causing earthquakes and tsunamis, and shatter any object. 

About the Astrological Election

 Neptune in Pisces Cazimi Astrological Talisman Election Chart

The elected date and time for construction of the talisman is February 22nd, 2012 at 6:20 AM JST, Japan where the talismans will casted. Pisces rises with Neptune ascending at 0 degrees, conjunct with the Part Fortune.  The Moon also conjuncts the Ascendant and cazimi the Sun.  This exceptional astrological alignment will not occur again until the early 26th Century in 2503. 

About Vision Coaching

In addition to the extremely sophisticated astrologically elected time for the creation of the Planetary Mojo Talisman, part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your vision that will be attached to your talisman through ritual. During the 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, master astrologer William Stickevers will work with you to craft your vision statement in accordance to your desired outcomes and the planetary transits in your natal horoscope.

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