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Sun-Uranus World Point in Aries Metal Talisman - 18k Gold Plated

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The next time this exceptional astrological alignment occurs will be the year 2430. Consciousness of purpose to achieve something of significance.  Brings the enthusiasm, passion, courage to individuate into one's authentic and true self.


Includes: 18k Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Metal Talisman (2.9mm), 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, 7-day Ritual Kit (incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle)

What effects does a Sun-Uranus World Point in Aries Talisman have?

The Sun-Uranus alignment along the World Point at zero degrees Aries makes this an unique talisman.  The next time we can expect this exceptional astrological alignment to occur will be in the 25th Century in 2430, when according to science fiction author Isaac Asimov Earth will have established a totally balanced and ecologically stable society.

According to the early 20th century astrologer Reinhold Ebertin, the Sun-Uranus alignment probable manifestation is,

“A sudden turn in life, improvement of [one’s] living conditions, a change of place or vocation, [and the] carrying out of innovations and reforms.”
-The Combination of Stellar Influences, page 82. AFA edition.

So the Sun-Uranus alignment combined with the Aries World Point can summon consciousness of purpose and objective with urge to achieve something of significance. It emboldens one to advance in life and provide the enthusiasm, passion, courage to individuate. Thus a talisman created during this alignment can rejuvenate the spirit and inspire one toward originality, creativity, and imagination. Therefore, the Sun-Uranus World Point Talisman is ideal for expressing your freedom and independence through powerful bursts of self-will, prowess, fortitude, and determination to create a life of significance and purpose. With this talisman you be able to express your innate originality and uniqueness along with the ability and means to bring reforms for the advancement and benefit for one’s domain and the world.

The Sun-Uranus World Point Talisman will address the many of the old structures, beliefs, values, habits and behaviors, that have grown too constricting and overdue for some radical changes to make life more flexible, liberating and alive again. This talisman will move one to confront the opportunity of moving beyond the comfort zone to do something one always dreamed of doing, while cultivating the ability to be unique, inventive, creative and original and no longer concerned about what others think. At the very least, it can overcome being afraid to be different, and simply find a way to be different in a creative manner that is both liberating end empowering. As we can see, this Sun-Uranus talisman gives success, leadership and the urge to achieve prominence.


  • Give you sudden burst of energy and enthusiasm.
  • Provide you renewed sense of confidence in facing the world.
  • Give you means to project yourself with great vigor and energy.
  • Impress others with the force of your personality.
  • The ability to take effective action toward achievement.
  • Create a more positive approach to challenges in your environment.
  • Give you the edge in being able to win people over to your side.
  • Be able to plan your future in accordance with your life purpose.
  • Give you the courage and resolve to act more freely and be true to yourself.

About the Sun-Uranus World Point in Aries Talisman Image

The source of the Sun image is from Picatrix - the "Aim of the Wise", a medieval Arabic astrological grimoire that offers instruction in talismanic magic says,

“The figure of the Sun is the image of a woman sitting in a chariot drawn by four horses, holding in her right hand a mirror and in her left hand a scepter with a seven branched candelabra over her head, made in [diamond or white sapphire] when the Sun is in his exaltation. Whoever carries this image will seem good to everyone and not be afraid." 
Picatrix Book 2, Chapter 10, page 70. (Translation by Christopher Warnock)

"They made another Image of the Sun in a Diamond, at the hour of the Sun, it ascending in his exaltation; the figure of which was a woman crowned with the gesture of one dancing and laughing, standing in a Chariot drawn with four horses, having in her right hand a looking glass, or buckler [clypeum], in the left a staffe, leaning on her breast, carrying a flame of fire on her head; They report that this Image rendreth a man fortunate and rich, and beloved of all..." 
-Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk. I, Chapter 41.

About the Astrological Election

Sun-Uranus World Point Aries Astrological Talisman Election Chart

The elected date and time for construction of the talisman is March 21st, 2011 at 11:48 AM JST, Tokyo, Japan. The Sun in this figure is strong being in his exaltation and in his triplicity at 0 degrees of Aries - on the World Point conjunct the Midheaven. The Sun rules the day - Sunday, and is in partile conjunction with Uranus.

About Vision Coaching

In addition to the extremely sophisticated astrologically elected time for the creation of the Planetary Mojo Talisman, part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your vision that will be attached to your talisman through ritual. During the 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, master astrologer William Stickevers will work with you to craft your vision statement in accordance to your desired outcomes and the planetary transits in your natal horoscope.

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