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Mercury in Gemini Metal Talisman

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Improved communication, reason, thought, understanding, and prosperity.


Includes: 100% Sterling Silver Talisman (2.9mm diameter), 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, 7-day Ritual Kit (incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle)

What effects does a Mercury in Gemini Talisman have?

Mercury has dominion over all forms of exchange, communication, cognition, travel, and the occult. Mercury in the sign Gemini enhances one’s ability at organizing, detailed planning on a short-term scale, mastering the details of trade or technique and become proficient in matters of health and fitness. Therefore, a Mercury in Gemini talisman sharpens one’s critical faculties and enhancing focus and concentration. Additionally, Mercury in Gemini stimulates one’s thinking and imagination in a positive way while making one more receptive to what others have to say.

"[I]t renders the bearer thereof grateful, and fortunate to do what he pleaseth: it bringeth gain, and prevents poverty, conduceth to memory, understanding, and divination, and to the understanding of occult things by dreams:..."
-Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 22 (Tyson ed.) page 318.As we can see the

Mercury talisman is useful for prosperity, reason, thought and understanding. A modern source, Nick Farrell, says that

"Mercury can be used for issues with communication, and magic."
- Making Talismans, (Llewellyn, 2001) page 75.

Benefits of a Mercury Talisman:

  • Enhances negotiations and business dealings.
  • Express your thoughts to others in ways that is easily understood.
  • Enhance your efficiency in your day-to-day routine.
  • Sharpen your critical faculties.
  • Become more receptive to what others have to say.
  • Attract communication for every conceivable corner of your life.
  • Enhance your ability to verbalize what you feel strongly about to others.
  • Stimulate your thinking and imagination in a more positive way.
  • Become more sensitive and aware of the subtler aspects of the world around you.
  • Get a clearer sense of what is going on in other peoples’ minds.
  • Enhance any work that requires extreme precision of thought and planning.

Pythagoras used to say that he had received as a gift from Mercury the perpetual transmigration of his soul, so that it was constantly transmigrating and passing into all sorts of plants or animals. Diogenes Laertius

Our task is to understand the techniques of traditional astrology that relate to Mercury. For Mercury is the “least of all the planets” it is never too distant from the Sun above 27 degrees. Mercury’s effects are subtle, yet its influence is pervasive in almost all areas of life.  Thus it has rulership over all forms of exchange, communication, travel, routine, thinking, psychology, technology, computers, media, medicine, and the occult.

The English astrologer William Lilly says that Mercury, when well dignified, signifies in manner and action,

“Being well dignified, he represents a man of a subtle and politick brain, intellect, and cogitation; an excellent disputant or Logician, arguing with learning and discretion, and using much eloquence in his speech, a searcher into all kinds of Mysteries and Learning, sharp and witty, learning almost any thing without a Teacher; ambitious of being exquisite in every Science, desirous naturally of travel and seeing foreign parts: a man of an unwearied fancy, curious in the search of any occult knowledge; able by his own Genius to produce wonders; given to Divination and the more secret knowledge; if he turn Merchant, no man exceeds him in a way of Trade or invention of new ways whereby to obtain wealth.”

About the Mercury Talisman Image

"From the operations of Mercury, they made an Image at the hour of Mercury, Mercury ascending in Gemini, the form of which was an handsome young man, bearded, having in his left hand a rod in which a serpent is twined about, in his right carrying a dart, having his feet winged; They report that this Image conferreth knowledge, eloquence, diligence in merchandizing and gain; moreover to beget peace and concord, and to cure fevers."
-Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Bk. II Chap. 43.

About the Astrological Election

Mercury in Gemini Astrological Talisman Election Chart

The elected time to cast the talisman is on May 25, 2013 for 5:30 am JST in Tokyo, Japan. At this time Mercury rises and is dignified by sign in Gemini and super fortified a partile conjunction with Venus, and applying to Jupiter – the great benefic.

About Vision Coaching

In addition to the extremely sophisticated astrologically elected time for the creation of the Planetary Mojo Talisman, part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your vision that will be attached to your talisman through ritual. During the 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, master astrologer William Stickevers will work with you to craft your vision statement in accordance to your desired outcomes and the planetary transits in your natal horoscope.

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