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Mars in Scorpio Metal Talisman

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Boldness, courage, strength, fortitude, and victory.


Includes: 100% Sterling Silver Talisman (2.9mm diameter), 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, 7-day Ritual Kit (incense powder, bath crystals, planetary oil, 100% pure beeswax candle)

What effects does a Mars in Scorpio Talisman have?

Because Mars represents passion and drive, the Mars talisman brings prowess. Mars in Scorpio, the sign of his dignity, brings ambition and fierce determination to overcome. Therefore, it is effective in overcoming one's competition and cultivating the necessary courage to take decisive action. Additionally, Mars in Scorpio promotes both physical and psychological stamina, ambition, and the desire to take daring risk for achievement.


  • Arouse a strong attraction to and desire for the opposite sex.
  • Become much more aggressive than usual in going out and finding a partner.
  • Enhance your sexual relationships.
  • Feel more vivacious and attractive than usual.
  • Have the chance to show the world what you can do.
  • Enhance your physical vitality and libido and desire to achieve.
  • Enhance your ability to defend yourself against verbal or physical attack.
  • Undertake every task with great zeal and energy.
  • Take initiative and massive action to finish task swiftly.
  • Be able to let others know exactly where you stand.

About the Mars Talisman Image

The talisman image description of Mars comes from the Picatrix, an encyclopedic work of medieval Arabic astrological magic, and Cornelius Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy.

Agrippa says,

“They made another image of Mars for the obtaining of boldness, courage, and fortune in wars, and contentions, …the form of which was a man riding upon a lion, having in his right hand a naked sword erected, carrying in his left had the head of a man,….and they made this at the hour of Mars, the first face of Scorpio ascending with it.”
-Cornelius Agrippa, Three Books of Occult Philosophy Bk. II, Chapter 22 (Tyson ed.) page 385.

About the Astrological Election

Mars in Scorpio Astrological Talisman Election Chart

The elected time to cast the talisman is September 25, 2012 at 10:06 AM JST in Tokyo, Japan. In this figure Mars rises on the Ascendant and dignified in his sign – Scorpio. Mars rules the Day and is fortified by conjunction with the benefic North Node.

About Vision Coaching

In addition to the extremely sophisticated astrologically elected time for the creation of the Planetary Mojo Talisman, part of what makes these talismans so powerful is the coaching process to help you clarify your vision that will be attached to your talisman through ritual. During the 20-minute Vision Coaching Consultation, master astrologer William Stickevers will work with you to craft your vision statement in accordance to your desired outcomes and the planetary transits in your natal horoscope.

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